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    Children's Bushcraft

    My 3 yo daughter started her first fire with Firesteel and birch bark last weekend...I think I have created a little pyro :) When it started burning she did a little dance, again..again..again she said when it went out. When we got home she swaggered into the front room and pronounced to...
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    Bushmoot 2008

    I'll be there with my 3 yo daughter, and a friend and his 3 yo daughter will be with us! Is it possible to park and camp next to the car? Don't want to have to carry stuff too far especilly wit the kids :)
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    bushmoot 2008

    I intend to take my daughter who will be nearly 4 when the event takes place. She loves the outdoors and is looking forward to camping out for the first time. And I may even find the time to take her to the beach for play in the sand and a paddle in the sea :)
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    Children's Bushcraft

    I've read this thread with great interest, we had a boy on 11 Jan 08, we already have a little girl aged 3 who lalready oves roaming around the woods and looking at the plants and animals with me. I've booked myself on a 5 day survival course to refresh my bushcraft knowledge, not actively...