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    Proud of my 6yo daughter

    How many parents can say that their 6 year old daughter can: - Gather appropriate materials - Lay it properly - Prepare a tinder bundle - Light it - Manage the fire they just lit ? Should be taught in the first year of primary school if you ask me!
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    Firestarter Showdown (First Heat)

    So, I decided to invest a couple of hours of my life in trying out a whole range of household (and typical camp) supplies as fuel for starting fires. Each fuel was applied to a piece of cotton wool (to catch a spark from a ferro rod) and timed. As well as being timed, I was also monitoring...
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    Schrade SCHF9 Regrind and rework project

    So today I began work on the SCHF9 I received a few days ago. I got a bench grinder and immediately began by stripping off all the powdercoating (unavoidable as resolving the tip required the removal of so much metal, and left the powdercoat looking horrible). The entire edge was reworked from...
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    Schrade SCHF9

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering if anyone else on here has a Schrade SCHF9, and if you do, did it have a terribly uneven grind when you got it? I just got one today (for my backup kit which will live in my car) and it looks like one edge of the blade is ground to about 15-18 degrees, and the...
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    Camelbak Bladder + Sawyer Mini + DIY Universal Adapter (Review and Guide)

    Let's start with a photo to illustrate what we're doing here: What you can see in the above photo is a Sawyer Mini filtration system hooked up inline on a Camelbak Stoaway 3 Litre (105oz) bladder. This means that the bladder can be filled with dirty water, and the user can simply drink...
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    60mph Speed Limit on Motorways, your thoughts?

    So apparently, this "bleed the public dry" government is toying with the idea of reducing the national speed on motorways to 60mph, and as always they're blaming the EU. Anyway, since this forum represents a diverse (albeit with one or two things in common) cross section of society, I figured...
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    Mil-Tec Bivi Bag

    Several months ago, I purchased this Bivi Bag from The Bushcraft Store. This is my review having used it in various circumstances since purchase: Carrying... What the store's description claims: What I've found: This is true... though you should be able to do this with any...
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    Christmas Soup Spoon

    I spent my Christmas Eve first sharpening my tools (because, I have to confess, I'd used them heavily and hadn't bothered sharpening them for a while) then dulling their fresh razor edges again by making yet another spoon... only this one for soups and stews :) It's made from Beech, and -...
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    Suffolk - 28th December "Bivi Bag Challenge"

    On Saturday 28th December I'll be running a winter challenge I'm calling the "Bivi Bag Challenge". The plan at present is to make it a one-nighter, with the possibility (depending on how that first night goes for those participating) to continue on for the Sunday night (29th) as well. We'll be...
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    Giving away a LifeSaver Bottle

    Hi guys... water filtration has come up a lot these last few weeks, and since I'm giving away a free LifeSaver bottle, I figured I might as well post the details in here in case any of you are interested:
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    Allergy to smoke from burning Ash wood

    The guys in the Suffolk Bushcraft Group already know this, but I figured I'd share it here for the benefit of anyone else suffering the same symptoms who hasn't figured out a cause. Basically, when the Suffolk group moved from our old site (where we were burning Pine/Birch wood) to our new...
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    Solidarity for a fellow bushcrafter

    Some of you who follow him on YouTube will already know, but I wanted to post this so that all of us can show solidarity to Brian (bribooutdoors) who's wife Caz died recently. Please spare a moment to pay your respects, contemplate your existence, and - if you can - show some support with a...
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    Bivvy Bag Problem

    I spent last night out in the woods hammocking, with my sleeping bag inside a bivvy bag. Woke up this morning, and the sleeping bag is soaking wet on the outside (dry on the inside) while the bivvy bag is soaking wet on the inside (and dry on the outside). It would appear that the bivvy bag...
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    UK Hammocks, Saturday delivery?

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows if UK Hammocks ever does a Saturday delivery. I'm asking because I ordered the Warbonnet BB 1.1 XLC from them, they dispatched it today... and I'm headed out for a day and a night tomorrow. Was really hoping to take it out with me and test it, but since they on...
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    UK Hammocks, Saturday delivery?

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    Paracord Grab Strap Wrap

    Some time ago I made a video to teach people how to wrap rucksack strapping with Paracord (or any other kind of cordage, really). I also explain how to calculate (to within a few inches) how much cordage is needed for any given strap without actually having to do any math what-so-ever! For...
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    LifeSaver 4000UF Water Purification Bottle

    I made this video almost a year ago, and never posted it in here... so here it is :) A complete review of the LifeSaver Purification System along with a demonstration on how to actually use it (as well as some of the maintenance steps).
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    Another Wooden Spoon (made from Beech)

    The image files are too large to upload to this forum, so here's a link to the album of photos. Took less than an hour to make (start to finish... about 40-45 minutes including sanding) I took the wood from one of the beech trees which fell during last month's storm (why waste perfectly...
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    Places to camp/wild-camp in/near Matlock Bath

    Hi guys, I quite often go up to Matlock Bath (spring, summer, autumn usually) and up to now have spent my nights there in some of the lovely hotels. I'm set to head back up that way next year (probably late April or early May) but this time I'd like to spend all my time there outdoors. I'm...
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    Dave Pearsons' interior tent kiln (no, really... check it out)

    Many of us know of Dave Pearsons' videos on his YouTube channel (Reallybigmonkey1). I know this because almost everyone I've spoken to on this community and mentioned them to already knows them all (it's a good ice-breaker, at least). Well, Dave recently made himself a custom tent he called...