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    New Lens, so excited!

    Hi Guys, i don't normally post much on the photos thread. For the last 10 years i've been using an old sigma 50-500 (pre os) and a 1980s nikon 300m 2.8. Never been able to get super sharp images, no mater how hard i tried. Tripod, different settings, all sorts. Anyway, just traded them in and...
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    For Sale 5.11 Cable Hiker Boots, sz10

    Hi All, I am selling my 5.11 Cable Hiker Boots in coyote, size 10 (Euro44). They've only been worn 3 time, so are in mint condition. Just don't seem to be able to get on with them. Shame, as they are a lovely warm weather boot. Looking for £70 inc postage and pp fees.
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    A couple of big Thank You's for Customer Service

    I just wanted to say a couple of huge Thank you's to a couple of companies i dealt with recently. First off, Roselli of Finland. I've had one of their great (if not different) Axes for over 15 years. Last year i managed to break the handle and have only just gotten around to ordering a new one...
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    Squeaky Sabre 45

    Hey all, earlier this year i finally succumbed to a Karrimor sf Sabre 45 (after my 35 was retired). However, after using it for a couple of months, it seems to have developed a squeak. It sounds like the F-Form mat is rubbing in the sleeve. After a while it becomes very distracting. Has anyone...
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    Frontier Bushcraft Woodland Hunter Course review

    Hi Folks, I have just got back from a week on the above mentioned course and i thought i'd pop my thoughts on here. In a nut shell, if you have a hankering to shoot game (specifically deer), then this course is designed to give you a good grounding on what you need to know and do. It covers all...
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    Newer Ridgeline monsoon elite 2 question

    Hi all, am booked on PKs forest hunter course later this year and wanted to get a new waterproof jacket. Have been looking at the newer Ridgeline Monsoon Elite 11 smock, does anyone have any experience with it. I know the older ones were proper hotboxes and hung onto the water on the outer...
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    Lovely video from CBC

    Just had this video pop up on a facebook thread. Its from CBC Indigenous new channel. Just a lovely old First Nations couple, cooking up a rabbit. They make what we strive to do look so easy and natural. I guess that comes from a lifetime of doing it for real.
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    Interesting article of British Food Preserving

    Found this article a couple of weeks back from an American author. For those of you who are into their food preserving it is a very interesting article and take of the state of British food preserving. I'd be interested on other folks take on what he says (from both sides of the Atlantic). Quite...
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    Paul Kirtleys Webinar on 10 plants for bushcraft

    Got in this evening and my good lady had signed us up for Pauls free webinar on the 10 most useful plants for bushcraft and survival. I didn't even know webinars existed (i'm trying to pull myself out of the neolithic era, honest). Was like going to a proper lecture but in the comfort of my own...
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    IR torch

    Hi folks. We recently bought one of the new bushnell equinox z2 night vision monocular. It's a really effective way to see in the dark and it streams directly to a phone or tablet in real time and also records. However, the one weak spot is the IR lamp built into it. It really sucks the juice...
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    Scandi grind on a new puukko

    Hi folks, i've just bought myself a new iisakki Jarvenpaa puukko. I have had a stainless steel bladed one for 15 years and took the secondary bevel off it to make a true scandi grind, and it has always been great. My new one is carbon steel, and it comes with a secondary bevel on it already. is...
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    Simo Passi Puukko

    Hi folks, anybody had any experience of the Simo Passi puukkos, can't seem to find much info on them, other than he used to work for Jisakki Jarvenpaa. Cant work out if the blades are hand forged (unlikely for the price) of if they are the generic Lauri blades used by alot of the Finnish makers...
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    Lens Upgrade advice

    Hi Folks, i'm after a bit of advice. i do a fair bit of wildlife photography (purely as a hobby) and currently use a Nikon 300mm F2.8 (very old, circa 1980, one of the first auto focus ones) with a 2x converter. I do get some lovely shots but i'm starting to find that the autofocus is very noisy...
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    Sold Optimus 8r Stove

    Hi Folks, I've decided to move on my Optimus 8R stove. Its a great burner, enclosed in its own tin. It is good working order although it could probably do with an internal clean out so it burns at full capacity. There is some rust on the underside of the tin, i did think about respraying it...
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    Sold Country Innovation Double Ventile Jacket

    Hi Folks, am having a post Xmas clear out and have decided to sell on my Country Innovation Double Ventile Rover Jacket in Large. It"s in very good condition, no tears or holes. There are a couple of stains on the right sleeve. Also, some of the stud fasteners have a bit of oxidation on them. It...
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    berry picker question

    This year i finally got round to getting a berry picker, been after one for ages, especially since i found a cople of great lingon berry patches. Any tips on how to separate the berries from the mix of leaves, twips, pine needles and bugs after collecting? Tried dropping the haul in a bucket of...
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    For Sale Sea Kayak

    Hi Folks, Not particularly bushy, but my good lady is looking to upgrade her Sea kayak, so i thought i'd offer it up here before it goes to evilbay. It is a Perception Expression 14 in Yellow. Its a great loch and river boat and good for calmer costal paddles to. It has the high back touring...
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    Shellfish Warning in Scotland

    Morning all, i just saw this post on Sea kayak Scotland and, with the Bank holiday coming and plenty of us heading out, i thought i'd share. Another Toxic Algae Bloom seems to be effecting the Scottish West coast.
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    Getting Kit repaired

    On our last outing in the Tipi, the Zip failed ((contestant 50mph winds, gusting to 80). I decided to get it repaired professionally and also get all the pegging points strengthened at the same time, as they were starting to fray. i contacted Tentipi but the wanted over £1000 for the repairs...
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    Interesting article on Navigation and Magnets

    Hi Guys, I thought i'd just share this article. I know we all know about not keeping our compasses near a magnet, but its amazing how many of these little magnets we now have. I didn't even think about my Sealskinz sporting...