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    TCV Conservation Handbooks - half price subscription

    Friends who work for Wildlife Trusts swear by the manuals produced by TCV for conservation land management projects which are accessed online via subscription. TCV are currently offering a 50% discount on annual subscription which makes it £7.50 with the VAT which may be of interest to those...
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    Coronavirus - Job opportunities for chippies etc?

    Was in two minds about posting this given the amount of nonsense circulating on social media (Mods please delete if you are not happy) but if genuine, this advert for workers to make pre-fab emergency hospitals might be of interest to anyone with the necessary skills at a loose end in Shropshire...
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    Rag in a Can - Keep Tools Rust Free

    Someone posted this video for making a brilliantly simple DIY tool for keeping tools rust free (and your hands safe) on a woodland management FB group - though it worth sharing. I’d not heard of Paul Sellers before but his YT channel has enough projects to keep a keen woodworker busy during a...
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    Sustainable Woodland Management Course - Elan Valley

    Really chuffed today to get a call from Tir Coed offering me a place on their three month Sustainable Woodland Management course in the beautiful Elan Valley. :) The course started this week but someone has dropped out and I was on the reserve...
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    Green Scythe Fair, Somerset Sunday 14th June 2020

    Doesn't feel like it but summer is on the way! ;)
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    Scottish Scything Festival 27 July 2019

    May be of interest to those north of Hadrian’s Wall. :)
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    Hedgelaying - the Ultimate Bushcraft Activity?

    Surprised to see (unless I missed them - quite possible) that most of the discussions of hedgelaying on here were nearly ten years ago so about time for a reboot. There are a many different definitions of “bushcraft” but although more of a traditional country craft, an activity that involves...
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    Thanks Freya!

    Storm Freya blew through mid-Wales yesterday afternoon and evening. Hope everyone stayed safe. After a quick look round this morning to check for damage I guess moving the sheep down the hill for lambing will have to wait - a lovely, gnarly old goat willow, the trunk charred and hollowed out...
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    RIP A Pair of British Mountaineering Legends

    Very sad to see the passing of two giants of Scottish Mountaineering, Andy Nisbet and Steve Perry. A bit trite to say “they died...
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    Anonymous Storm - Anyone Else Getting A Buffetting?

    These day’s any puff of wind worth it’s salt seems to get a name but here perched on a hill in Mid - Wales we are getting a bit of a buffetting from an anonymous storm which has constant 40 mph winds gusting to 50 mph. Have got used to winds gusting much higher but not the constant high wind...
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    Overseas Desert Blooms

    Saw this article on the South African desert blooms on the BBC website this morning. I was fortunate to be wildcamping on the Namaqualand Coast a few years ago at the time of the bloom. Namaqualand is a stunning part of the world and much of it...
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    Candle in the Wind?

    Anyone else getting knocked about a bit by Storm Diana? No damage yet but things are getting a bit wild and we are a fair bit west of where the warnings are! :emoji_wind_blowing_face:
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    Whodunnit? (Warning deceased animal image)

    Stumbled across the remains of what I assume is a recently (but fairly comprehensively!) deceased hare this afternoon. Only pelvis and hind legs left plus a lot of carefully plucked fur which I guess rules out a fox or badger? The other “usual suspects” spotted regularly are buzzards, red...
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    Charcoal Making

    Hi Folks, Anyone know of any charcoal making courses in Wales, Midlands or West Country - I’ve watched a few utube vids but would like a bit of hands on experience. I fancy having a go and have a 200 litre drum and lid lying around and am currently coppicing a load of 1” to 3” in diameter...
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    Johnny Kingdom RIP

    Sad news, a real character who always made me smile! :(
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    Vango 4x4 Tarp

    Hi Folks, Any one got one of these and are they any good? Briefly, I have a Blacks of Greenock traditional (“Scout” type) dining shelter which I picked up in a sale last year and would like another one as semi-permanent summer rain shelter/sun...
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    DIY Hay Baler

    Not really bushcraft but I’ve been having a go at scything recently and wanted to make some hay - I figured that if nothing else, doing something that required a few days of sunny dry weather would bring the current drought to an end! My local scything guru helps run Caring for God's Acre a non...
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    Cast Iron Cauldron ID

    HI All, Not strictly a bushcraft question but maybe someone on here can help ID these cast iron cauldrons which are currently lying in the yard of an old Welsh farmhouse. Another farmhouse a few miles up the road has a slightly bigger one. The biggest has a lid, feet, four spigots and is about...
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    Glanusk Estate Fayre and Open Day, Crickhowell - 2Oth May 2018

    Not been before and no connection with the event but could be of enough bush/country craft, gardening etc. stuff to be worth a visit for members in south and mid-Wales and the other side of the bridge. :) Ooops! Sorry I put link and date for last year’s Fayre - no mention of any specific...