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    Deer Hunt in New Zealand

    Some may recall I posted a story last year about my hunting 'Saddle Stag' -this is part two describing my efforts this year to come to grips with a particular animal that has eluded me for several years. It's a bit long winded for BUK it seems so I've divided it into two posts.... For the...
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    Hunting in New Zealand

    I pull up into the backcountry car park with the wipers battling to keep the windscreen clear of the downpour and the surrounding hills hidden by low cloud. Getting out of the car my boots sink into the saturated ground as I slosh back to the car boot and haul out my pack and rifle. ”There’s no...
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    Hi from NZ

    I'm a middle age Kiwi who has enjoyed rambling [or tramping as we call it] the back country since my mid teens. I've slowed down a little, grown a stomach and now have less free time to indulge myself than when I was younger, but the interest remains strong. I'm lucky to have an understanding...