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    So much fruit

    As with everyone else, such a glut here. Had a go at making some hedgerow jelly. 50% crab apple and the rest, whatever berries you can find. We used Haws, Hips, sloes, elder and blackberry. Simmered to a mush (30mins), then strained in jelly bags. The resulting liquid is then mixed with sugar...
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    Ed Stafford Forest Smock

    I have one of the newer ridgeline smocks and, surprisingly actually really like it. It's the thinner material, not like their thicker, almost fluffy material. So it doesn't hold the moisture like the older ones and breaths very well. Very similar the the Ed Stafford one, but, as mentioned above...
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    For Sale 5.11 Cable Hiker Boots, sz10

    Hi Wanderer, i had a pm from another member literally 30 secs before you. I'll say the same to you. These are pretty much as new, only bought them 3 months ago and barely wore them. My lowest is £65 inc pp fees and postage (or bank transfer in your case). The other member has 1st call, just...
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    For Sale 5.11 Cable Hiker Boots, sz10

    These are still up for grabs if anybody is interested
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    Fjallraven Granit shirt

    I believe the granite is part wool. Have a look at the finish guys over at varstekela, they do a great merino wool shirt (i go for the extra long as i hav having my shirt untucked). Quite a slim fit but great quality and alot cheaper than FR shirts. ( i'm a massive Fjallraven gear fan, but have...
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    Kitchen Knives

    Totally. I have a wide range of kitchen blades, from lovely Japanese ones, german solid blades and some pretty scandinavian ones. Probably got more pricey kitchen knives than woodcraft ones lol!
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    The people who think its ok to do industrial foraging,not good

    OO, just got back from a weeks camping (and Foraging)in Scotland and seen this very timely thread. We go up every year to harvest enough for ourselves for the following year. Over all probably 13kg wet weight over a week, spread over several areas. It's interesting to see that in some areas...
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    Garden forage - brambles

    Got loads coming up on my little garden bush. Already had enough for a couple of apple abd blackberry pies and several sheets of fruit leather. Strangely, the ones in the fields nearby are still a couple of weeks off.
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    The Ultimate "What is this Fungi?" thread.

    Looks like a potential Tawny Grisette to me to. Just a useful hint. If you want to get a pic of the underside of fungi without disturbing it, use your phone, flip the camera into selfie mode and hold it under the cap. You can then use the phone screen to have a look or take a piccy.
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    Prevention of horsefly bites ?

    Not a preventative, but the crushed leaves from Ribwort Plantain rubbed on a bite, work like a charm. Also works well for most other bites and stings i've found. Contains natural Anti-histamines i believe.
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    Is pine needle tea safe?

    If your aim is to supplement your diet in these uncertain times, my advice would be to go on a learning adventure and start getting to know about the properties of local flora found around where you live. Aim to learn 1 plant a week, some will have health benefits, some are just tasty and some...
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    Is pine needle tea safe?

    There are plenty of wild teas you can forage and make out on your travels. Pine needle tea is always the one that our mentors always recommend because it is available year round, especially in arctic winter scenarios. However, in our warmer, maritime climate, there are plenty of plants that...
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    Lundhags Forest Boots - any experiences / feedback?

    I also have a couple of pairs of Lundhags. a Pair of the Forest and a pair of the Jaure. I really do love them both. I've used the Jaures stalking up in Scotland for a week and only suffered wet feet after standing in a calf deep bog for 15 mins trying not to be spotted. As with all boots, it is...
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    For Sale 5.11 Cable Hiker Boots, sz10

    Anybody? Bump!!!
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    HEADS UP - cheap pouches that fit inside the Predator Side Pocket PLCE (Single)

    haha, no different to the bright orange inside my fjallraven stuben. easier to find little odds and sods. Besides, only real men wear pink :p
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    Trangia? Missing parts?

    Ooo, looks like a neat little stove. There may well be an online enthusiasts group or one on social media that may be able to help you source bits. Be ggod to see it up and running.
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    Trangia? Missing parts?

    Hmm, certainly not a Trangia. Not quite sure what it is to be honest. Some more pics may help.
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    Ray Mears Wild China

    ITV, 19.30. Good programme but needs to be an hr long.
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    Lappland -21

    Such a lovely looking trip. Very envious. Been a while since i was in that area. Granted, it was over the boarder in Norway, but still an amazing place.