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  1. nitrambur

    Sea fishing online stores

    I'm going on holiday soon to southern Scotland and I thought I would have a dangle while I'm there Now I haven't wet a line in at least 10 years so I figured I better chuck whatever is on my reels and start afresh. So I'm trying to find a decent online fishing store, all the one's I've looked...
  2. nitrambur


    I have a 15-20 year old rowan in the garden that has succumbed to fire-blight, or something similar. I've been cutting branches off for years to try to beat it but the hot dry summer finally did it in. All the leaves are still on the branches, just curled up and brown, and the bark is split. As...
  3. nitrambur


    Just got a Ridge Monkey deep fill toaster, it seems to be handle heavy so it tips towards me and doesn't sit flat on the burner. Anyone else had this problem or did I get a duff one?
  4. nitrambur

    Gold wedding presents

    In a few weeks it will be my parents golden wedding anniversary, and I have no idea what to buy for them ! I don't want the usual gift tat that says Golden Wedding on it, as that's only usable on the day and then it get's shoved in a cupboard So any ideas??? Please?
  5. nitrambur

    Plant ID

    Found this under a fence, by a path, in a local nature reserve, any ideas?
  6. nitrambur

    Pruning saw

    Looking to get a budget pruning saw, need to remove a couple of old buddleia then I'll probably not use it again for years so nothing pricey, prefer a folding one just for space considerations Any suggestions? What should I be looking at or avoiding? Thanks in advance, Nit
  7. nitrambur


    I've always said I wanted chickens, so SWMBO got me a coop for my birthday. I put it together yesterday, and now she's worried that it's too small, looking at it, it is a tad on the petite side, apparently it's a mini so a third smaller than their standard coop. Main compartment is 21" by 17"...
  8. nitrambur

    Replacement tent poles

    I've got a Vango Juno 300 tepee, and I would like to lose the centre pole. The length from the tip to each corner is 78 inches, I figure I need either 3 or 5 poles. Not gonna be used for backpacking but would prefer to break them down a bit for storage. What are my options, and where do I get...
  9. nitrambur

    Slow Match

    I came across this site recently they sell traditionally made Slow Match cord stuff in two lengths, 10 meters and 1 and a half feet, thought it might be useful to anyone making on of those...
  10. nitrambur

    Gelert Goose Down Bag Heads up

    One day only deal at iBOOD for a Gelert Beyond Eris 200SQ Sleeping Bag with Goose Down, no idea if these are any good but it looked like a decent deal
  11. nitrambur

    Mini/Button compass

    I'm looking for a compass to put in an emergency tin, has anyone got any recommendations? I don't really fancy the deal-extreme point any way but north ones, and I don't trust fleabay sellers as they've probably bought theirs from DX. So, what should I be looking for? Cheers, Nit
  12. nitrambur

    Ellies Boots?

    Can anyone tell me the make/brand of the boots Ellie Harrison wears on countryfile? I thought they were real-tree print wellies at first but noticed they were laced. Any ideas? Sorry can't find a picture at the mo. Thanks Nit.
  13. nitrambur

    Axe sling

    Axe sling anyone? :lmao::lmao:
  14. nitrambur

    Camper shot

    Not sure if anyone has seen this :eek: Now I'm a bit naive about all this countryside stuff, but shouldn't the hunter have ensured there was some degree of back-stop?