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  1. J

    Nobody inspired by Uncle Ray's latest kit?

    We have a fella at work who's name is....Justin Kok. Honest. He is from South Africa originally. Nice guy. regards, Jon.
  2. J

    Off roading in a regular car

    Vitara, that's the one I would go for on a budget. Not bad on fuel, can be bought for about £500/£700 in reasonable condition' 4 wheel drive with high / low box. Pop a set of decent tyres on it and you will find it will serve you well (and they are pretty comfy to drive on / off road). if you...
  3. J

    My new bushcraft set up

    Hi Zed, Nice to see you here as well as MT.O! Any chance of some pics showing how you attach it to the knife sheath please? (as in stop it sliding off) Regards, Jon. Ps, I've ordered one as well!
  4. J

    Opinel,anyone seen this yet,?

    I like them all, would rather a plain edge but for their intended use I reckon they are good.ATB, Jon.
  5. J

    combined zippo & SAK pouch

    Very nice Hamish. Out of interest, are you liking your SAK? ATB, Jon.
  6. J

    Share your new toys then... :o)

    LOL, exactly what I did and got a couple of SAK's that I wanted! Really pleased with them. Merry Xmas All. Regards, Jon.
  7. J

    Snow here...

    Had a lovely covering this morning on the walk taking the kids to school, even had a couple of snow balls thrown at me! However, it's all pretty much melted now. Kiddies not happy...
  8. J

    Does anyone find that...

    I've found all minority sport clubs to be a bit clicky but if you persevere I'm sure you will find one that feel right.
  9. J

    Hertfordshire Bushcrafters

    Sounds good :cool:
  10. J

    my first good knife

    Enzo trapper maybe?
  11. J

    Nooby 4x4 advice needed

    Toyota Lancruiser, hilux, surf. Mitsubishi shogun or pajero. Nissan xtrail, terrano. Any of these as long as they have been looked after. I run a Landy but can't honestly recommend one for the criteria already outlined by the OP. HTH, Jon
  12. J

    Zippo lighter fuel...

    Just wondered if anyone knows of an alternative to the genuine Zippo fuel? I want to use it in the Zippo hand warmers. Regards, Jon.
  13. J

    bannock my way

    Hey John, I just love your comment about Tesco! My employer has the pleasure of dealing with them and they are absolute swines to do business with. Luckily for me, I work in a different area. Great pics and pleased you have supplied us with an alternative bannock mix. Hope the medical...
  14. J

    after a SAK

    Hi Hamish, Let us know if the little red pocket knife changes your opinion once you have had a chance to use it for a while. I hope it does. Regards, Jon.
  15. J

    Mini Tools

    Yep, I've used them a couple of times. All OK. Regards, Jon.
  16. J

    Maxpedition Mini EDC Pocket Organizer Pouches

    Thanks for posting your response JTF, that does help. I was thinking about chopping off the key hook thingy and now have (along with the velcro patch on the front). As i said, i really want to like this product and im sure i will once ive got it packed correctly. Im wondering about removing the...
  17. J

    Maxpedition Mini EDC Pocket Organizer Pouches

    Ive got one of these and so far im not that impressed to be honest. Its a great idea and very nicely made but in my opinion its a pig to pack. I think it would have been better with two rows (high & low) of elastic on one side (probably the left) for small items eg, Fenix E01, lip balm, mini bic...
  18. J

    Go Outdoors

    I like em, always manage to find something to buy...
  19. J

    Swedish Army mess tin set for £1.25!

    Hi Ged, They are the Ally ones. ATB, Jon.
  20. J

    Swedish Army mess tin set for £1.25!

    I shall work out what they will cost to post and take it from there I think. Regards, Jon.