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    Carinthia Explorer Top MF summer sleeping bag question

    Hello there. Looking at the Carinthia line of sleeping bags. Seen a model called the Explorer Top MF used by Danish Forces. It is a summer bag available in XL size. To me it looks a lot like the Defence 1 bag. Weather resistant outer covering with the Gloft synthetic filling. Would like to know...
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    Hardware sourcing for recreating Swedish Defense Force Lone Wolf button tarp poncho.

    Hey. Hey just looking for proper brass grommets and good quality buttons and thread for recreating copying the Swedish Poncho lone wolf button tarp. Have found one through . I have one unused grey model coming as the others were sold out. Will surely purchase a few...
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    Swedish Surplus Canvas Wall Tent 8 Man Patrol also 8 Man Mountain Tents

    Hello there. Looking at some shelters available at Military Mart UK. Seem to be old Surplus from 70's. One style is the Wall Tent looks pretty conventional. The Mountain Tent looks more like the Lavvu style. I realize alot of Swedish Made gear is high quality stuff. Have asked for a shipping...
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    Tent stove options for Hot tent.

    Rocket stoves, Ammo Can Stoves, diy steel Turkish Samovar able to use stove pipes to vent smoke out side the tent? Hello there. Looking for options on a tent stove heater for a hot tent small to compact size for 4-5 people at most. Seen the Samovar tea maker stove with water reservoir...
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    Military ground sheet/half shelter tent configurations

    Got some half shelter/heavy ground sheets with a couple swiss tent pole sets. Looking for info on making some different shelter designs. Thank you.
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    Outdoor gear. Military Surplus clothing and clones of Army issue coats and the like.

    Hello there. Anyone familiar with the Hero Brand Outdoor clothing gear? See that they offer coats and outdoor gear. Would like any feedback on quality and lack thereof? Thank you. IN particular looking at the Combat Anorak for general uses. Thank you again.
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    Hello and greetings from South Okanagan Similkameen Valley B.C. Canada

    Hello there. I am writing from South Eastern B.C. Along the WA border in Okanagan Valley. Beautiful British Columbia. Looking for info and feedback on outdoor gear camping supplies and bushcraft knowledge. Happy to be here.
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    Surplus Boots Austrian, Norwegian M77, Swede M90, Swede M59 WW11 1940's black swedish "Lager" boot

    Hello there. First I picked up a pair of Austrian heavy boots. I then grabbed a new pair of M77 Norwegian which I wear most days working. I have had a couple missed steps looking for Surplus Boots. I procured a pair of Swedish M90 boots. Boots were awesome and comfortable and light weight. After...