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    Lappland -21

    One goal for every summer holiday is going to the lappland. This time it located to "paistunturit, utsjoki." It also was first time to my partner and our dog to be there. Good 900km and 13h drive to destination. First hiking day was a little shorter, no exact plan where to camp. After getting...
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    Wintery weekend

    Me and my friend decided to go out and a bit refresh skills living in a wintery forest. Headed in to the woods on friday when sun started to come down and skied few km's with headlamps lightning our path. Went quite slowly to avoid sweatting, because temperature was -21c. Found our planned...
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    Hello from Finland

    Hi all! I'm 30 year old bushcraft and hiking enthusiastic from Finland. As I love to see pictures from others trips, I try my best to post pics from my trips. I've been doing long trips to lappland, and northern Norway. Also lots of shorter weekend and one night trips. Sleep about 30 nights...