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  1. BIG_emu

    1st Knife finished

    Just finished my first knife, I have learnt alot in making it and will probably have ago at another soon (it's not as easy as I thought it would be:o ). well here it is, any comments are welcome (good or bad). The handle is oak with red fibre liners and mosaic pins, and the blade is a 440c...
  2. BIG_emu

    Some hammock questions

  3. BIG_emu

    Some hammock questions

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into getting a hammock sometime soon. In particular Im looking at the DD Travel Hammock & DD Tarp 1. I've fancied a hammock since I treid one on a survival cousre two years ago, but i have only just started to be able to get get the use out of kit like that. i feel...