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  1. Scrimmy

    Ramsons Bulbs

    What do people do with Ramsons Bulbs? I've seen a few pictures of people collecting them just wondered how they are eaten? Thanks Cain
  2. Scrimmy

    Tyne Bridge Zip Line

    Hi all, On the 7th June 2009 I will be taking part in a zip line off the Tyne Bridge (even though i'm scared of heights) to raise money for the Percy Hedley Foundation, the money will go towards a £1.2 million hydrotherapy pool. The Foundation meets the needs of disabled people with cerebral...
  3. Scrimmy

    Cheap Shower Proof smock

    Can anyone recommend a cheap shower proof smock? Thanks Cain
  4. Scrimmy

    What things do you plan for winter scout troop nights?

    All in the title really, just hoping for a bit of a brainstrom, cheers Cain
  5. Scrimmy


    Is there anywhere around Birmingham suitable for wild camping, within an hour or so? Thanks Cain
  6. Scrimmy

    Gift ideas

    Alrite, been thinking what to get my Troup Leader this year for christmas, does anyone have any ides? Cheers Cain
  7. Scrimmy

    Back to Basics Camp

    Will be hopefully taking the Scouts on a back to basics camp this August, teaching them the basics, e.g. fire lighting, shelter building (which they willl be sleeing in), camp cooking including preparation ( gutting and skinning included) and also knife and axe craft. I think iv'e got plenty...
  8. Scrimmy

    Peregrine, (pict heavy)

    Took these the other day, at an undisclosed site in Northumberland, need a bigger lense but there OK. Cain
  9. Scrimmy

    Sleeping bag

    In October i'm hopefully going to the Czech Republic for a hunting trip, it will only be a weekend, so I hope to just wear my gear and take a small bag on the plane as hand luggage ( as im' told you can take quite a big bag on with you) So I need a new sleeping bag, as i've had my dads ex...
  10. Scrimmy

    Tahr Anorak

    People who own a Tahr Anorak, hows does it stand up to abuse from brambles, hawthorn etc, does it clic? tear? or is it genrally well made and will stand up to anything, without being damaged? Thanks Cain
  11. Scrimmy

    Best Poncho

    What is the best Poncho? Going on Cost?, Quality?, and can it be used successfully as a shelter? Thanks Cain
  12. Scrimmy

    Best Head Torch

    What do people think is the best torch for: 1. Brightness 2. Modes (e.g. 2 LED's to 5LED's mode options) 3. Comfort 4. Value for Money, Thanks Cain
  13. Scrimmy

    Tarp and hammock setup

    I've been looking into getting a tarp and hammock setup, been looking at the DD ones, just would like to know your opinions and which tarp hammock setup is best around this sort of price range £60-£100. Cheers Cain
  14. Scrimmy

    I would like you to meet....

  15. Scrimmy

    I would like you to meet....

    I see there is a few of you on here fond of falconry, i would like to share a few pictures of me and my dads Harris Hawks and a past Sparrowhawk, its an amazing sport but lots of experience and guidance is needed for the welfare of the bird. Cain Blitz our past Sparrowhawk Twix, my Harris...
  16. Scrimmy

    SnugPak bags

    I'm after a lighter/ small packed bag, as i have my dads ex marines down bag, which is huge, its great for winter camps but fills alot of space in my rucksack when i'm off hiking, just looking for a lighter bag, seen the SnugPak bags like the look and quality of the Harrier, Osprey, hawk and...
  17. Scrimmy

    Fallkniven A1 or S1?

    Those who've tryed both, whats your preference? Cheers Cain
  18. Scrimmy

    Fallkniven DC3 and DC4

    Hi, i have a Fallkniven F1 but no sharpening kit, are both these whetstones needed to give a good edge and is there anything else i need ? Cheers Cain
  19. Scrimmy

    Wild Camping

    Anyone been wild camping in the lake district? if so wheres the best place to go? Cheers Cain
  20. Scrimmy

    Whitley Bay District Scout Camp

    Whitley Bay District had a survival camp last weekend. It went down really well with scouts of all ages learning knife, saw and axe skills, setting up cooking shelter, learning how to start fires to cook on and many more skills, like identification of plants/trees and fauna, and also how to...