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  1. Green Arrow

    Victorinox solo or victorinox GAK

    Hi just wondering if anyone has a red nylon scaled Victorinox (Safari) solo 108mm or a 108mm victorinox branded German Army Knife ( not the one handed one) gathering dust that they might want to sell. Cheers
  2. Green Arrow

    In to the Wilderness you tube series

    Just watched the first episode of the Pace brothers' new series on You tube, beautiful footage of a great bushcraft and hunting adventure on Skye. I think this is shaping up to be a great new series. Link to YouTube version below, it is about 30 mins long and looks best in HD...
  3. Green Arrow

    Bison tipi

    Very excited , thanks to members’ help and advice I have now ordered a Bison Tipi from Madbear Outdoors. I have gone for their new one, the Bjorn 4 which is double guyed and comes with a ground sheet. They are not in yet but should arrive in time for the Bushmoot .My lavu oven has already...
  4. Green Arrow

    bison tipi

    Hi , I am thinking of getting one of the Bison tipis , have read on a couple of threads that they can have leak problems, does this go away once you have proofed them with some Nikwax? Also, any opinions on the nylon or the polycotton versions? thanks GA :confused:
  5. Green Arrow

    Ventile Jacket??

    I am thinking of buying a ventile jacket, I have searched around some old threads but still have some questions. Has anyone used Keela's Falkland jacket - this seems to be a single layer ventile with a Paramo like pump liner, any good ? they look like they might be a bit hot. Has anyone...
  6. Green Arrow

    Olduvai Gorge Hand Axes on display in Hampshire

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Olduvai Gorge hand axes are on display in Andover Museum, Hampshire. These are amongst the oldest stone tools in the world and are on loan from the British Museum until the 21st July. Not only do you get a chance to study these fantastic tools...