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  1. woodmunky

    Where to find custom Knife / Leather sheath?

    I'm looking to get a custom handmade knife for my dad's 70th next year. I'd like a damascus patterned blade and a handmade sheath with some unique artwork on it. No need for a firesteel. Can anyone recommend a craftsperson who has an online portfolio of their work that I could take a look at...
  2. woodmunky

    Getting bark off Hazel (for walking stick)

    Does anyone know the best way to remove bark from a Hazel stick? Have used a spoke shave before, but looking to see if there are any neat tricks that are potentially a little quicker. Thanks, Steve Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  3. woodmunky

    Best value Paracord UK Supplier?

    Hey all, I'm looking to do some paracord projects, but I'm getting a bit lost in all the suppliers and was wondering if anyone has a preferred UK supplier who is good value? Looking for a variety of colours and not too bothered about whether it's 550 or MilTec, but want to check I'm not missing...
  4. woodmunky

    Suggestions for a stove? Under £50 (if possible)

    I need some advice on a new stove. I'm looking for one I can use for camping and long fishing trips. This a piece of kit I have previously not given all my attention, so I would like to get one that will be a good all rounder. I've got some good cooking equipment, but the 'buy a stove and buy...
  5. woodmunky

    WANTED! Got a list here....

  6. woodmunky

    Walking stick help!

    Ok, so i have a few sticks that i take out with me when doin bushy things (one at a time!) and most are all as was when discovered... i.e plai and sticky :D but now i have a lovely Birch stick which i intend to e my main one... the 'but' is because i have stripped the bark and shaven it...
  7. woodmunky

    Old knife recovery help needed!

    I have recently aqcuired a heavy machete style knife, a folding whitling knife and a multitool... problem is they were all sitting in a friends garage for 2 years! eeek.. They all have slight specks of rust and the machete as a minor blade dent... how do i remove the rust and resharpen...
  8. woodmunky

    Bushcraft Penknife rehandling help please!

    Hi... i've got a couple of *insert very common brandname* penknives that i use out and about, and one is rather scuffed now (small one with knife, scissors, toothpick and tweezers) to which i would normally go buy another one... HOWEVER :D 1. i'm quite attached to the little thing now &...
  9. woodmunky

    Netsuke carving

    Not sure if anyones already seen this, came accross it on my morning web venture... It's an excellent 361 page pdf about carving netsuke and other such figurines.... and its FREE :D If anyones...
  10. woodmunky

    WANTED! Got a list here....

    Ok... so i'm after some stuff to update my kit :rolleyes: on a budget, any suggestions on the cheapest way of finding them are welcome :D 1. Petzl Tikka XP - Depending on how long til the next group buy is :) 2. Folding saw - Should have one soon! 3. 3m x 2.4m Camo Tarp FOUND 4. Wire saw...
  11. woodmunky

    Micarta help needed! Ideas anyone?

    OK... so i've got my hands on a bar of Micarta 5.5cm x 33cm...initially this was for a knife handle HOWEVER i have since got a knife that i'm very happy with and don't really feel the need for another just yet :rolleyes: Any ideas what i can do with it??? :confused:
  12. woodmunky

    Helle Eggen help needed please!

    :sadwavey: Eh up... looking at getting my first knife and the Helle Eggen has really caught my eye :rolleyes: Anyone know the best place to buy one? Or looking at selling one ;) Or just general comments on it :)
  13. woodmunky

    Bushcraft UK Xmas 06 Moot!

    Anyone going? Sounds like a great weekend to me! I'm still bit of a newbie, but any info would be cool on previous moots :)