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  1. swotty

    Wanted Shangri la 3 nest or oooknest

    Long shot but does anyone have either of the above they'd be looking to part with? Sent from Somerset using magic
  2. swotty

    Austism spectrum

    I have recently been diagnosed by my GP, after seeing typical symptoms on the NHS website, as being on the Autism spectrum. I have, according to my research what I believe to be what used to been known as Asperger's. I have to wait around 18 months for any sort of assessment due to long waiting...
  3. swotty

    Wanted Ben Orford Nomad

    Just looking for the basic O2 model. No sheath required Sent from Somerset using magic
  4. swotty

    Wanted Billnas or similar Finnish axe

    I'm looking for a Finnish style collared axe if anyone has one for a sensible price? Just something I fancy giving a try [emoji846] Sent from Somerset using magic
  5. swotty

    One knife or different knives for different occasions?

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Do you have different knives for different occasions or one knife you use consistently? Over there years I've amassed quite a collection of fixed and folding knives. Daily carry is usually one of my Case or GEC traditional knives, if I'm walking then...
  6. swotty

    Wanted Roselli Carpenter knife uhc

    Anyone have the above they would like to part with? Sent from Somerset using magic
  7. swotty

    Long dog smithy Woodside carver sale or trade

    I bought this last week but it's not for me. Unused and consequently as new. Cost £65 but will sell for £55 delivered (2nd class RM) . I would possibly trade for a Roselli knife specifically the hunter with some cash your way. Sold Sent from Somerset using magic
  8. swotty

    Dartmoor knife build

    After wanting one as a kid and about 35yrs on (last week)I made the decision to purchase one of the unground Wilkinson sword Dartmoor knife blanks available. I have limited resources for grinding, a small hobbiest bench belt sander and an angle grinder with linishing discs for profiling the...
  9. swotty

    Lock down boreal smock project

    Eventually got round to making my wool blanket smock. I used a pattern that I adapted to what I wanted. Quite pleased with the result as it's my first clothing sewing project [emoji846] Sent from Somerset using magic
  10. swotty

    Dating a Case scout knife

    Anybody know anything about Case knives? I awaiting the arrival of one I've purchased and wondered what sort of year it was. Looking at the logos I believe it might be 1930's but wondered if any of you lovely people knew anything. Sent from Somerset using magic
  11. swotty

    Forging course

    So, yesterday I went on a three hour forging session at Oldfield forge in Herefordshire (well recommended!) That my wife got me for my birthday. Here's the fruits of my labour....still a way to go but will handle it soon!! Sent from Somerset using magic
  12. swotty

    Boreal shirt pattern

    Does anyone have a printable pattern (or a link for one) for a blanket / boreal shirt that I could use? Thanks Andy
  13. swotty

    Wanted Enzo pk70

    Thinking about acquiring an Enzo pk70 and wondering if anyone has one they're looking to part with for a reasonable price? Sent from Somerset using magic
  14. swotty

    Rucksack ID please......

    Does anyone recognise this rucksack? The seller is advertising as an Italian army pack vintage NOS but the material looks to be the same as the Swiss army salt and pepper packs. Anyway i've taken a punt as it looks like a nice pack!
  15. swotty

    Beefsteak fungus confirmation

    Hello all.....99.9% certain (after checking various books) this is beefsteak fungus but just wanted a second opinion to confirm! Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  16. swotty

    For Sale Swiss army mountain/engineers pack

    Swiss army rubberised pack. Pretty good condition and with good leather. These seem to be going for £90 on eBay at the moment so how about £75 including postage? Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  17. swotty

    Jeff White pathfinder/self reliance outfitters knife

    Jeff White pathfinder school/ self reliance outfitters knife. Bought from self reliance outfitters probably 6yrs ago and unused since. £70 SOLD posted Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  18. swotty

    For Sale Polish poncho/lavvu

    Polish lavvu, unissued and only erected by me once when I received it about six years ago. It's been stored so could do with a airing but all good apart from that. Appears one is size 1 and the other size 2 but went together fine when I put it up. £45 including postage . Sent from my moto g(7)...
  19. swotty

    Modded Chillington fireman's axe.

    Has anyone modded one of these axes? I'm in the process of putting a stacked leather handle on one that I won for a tenner on eBay but wondered if anyone has done anything interesting with one... Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  20. swotty

    Bungee lathe

    I've always fancied a pole lathe or similar so bit the bullet today when nipping into the workshop as I am once a week to check it over during this lockdown period and knocked this out. Still needs some adjustments but the principal is there....need to sharpen my turning chisels too!! Sent...