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    Manhunter , The Art of Tracking is finally out. In Hardback

    Well, its finally out. Available as Kindle version as well. Toughest thing I have ever done!
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    Manhunter. The Art of Detection Through Tracking

    Tommyd, there are 32 professionally drawn illustrations, and 30 pictures. Cheers Max
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    Manhunter. The Art of Detection Through Tracking

    Here it is. The book explores some new subject material. It covers subjects that previously were only taught face to face. These days I am humbled more and more by all trackers, no matter their style. In some way this book, which was not easy to write is a tribute to all my tracking friends...
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    Manhunter. The Art of Detection Through Tracking

    The above book will be released to shops for sale on 20th November 2015.
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    Snake Anti venom availability for travellers

    Just to clarify, I am not a doctor and the following is taken directly from the latest treatment for first aiders to a confirmed mamba bite. Despite what JonathanD said the term is clearly tourniquet. Not compression bandage. Mambas: The venom is absorbed by the capillary bed into the...
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    Snake Anti venom availability for travellers

    I am a FGASA Certified dangerous snake handler, and venomous snake first aider. I have caught many venomous snakes, including Black Mamba. In the seventies it was believed that there was a generic anitvenom intramuscular injection dependant on the type of venom. I carried some of these, but in...
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    How do you track Roe Deer?

    Well done, the closer the deer gets to you, the better your concentric circles are! Sometimes slots are difficult to see, however compression shapes in the woods on pine needles etc might be easier to spot, and have a scout around for track traps. My best advice to track your deer is get into...
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    Any other ian maxwell books published

    Bear, Animal CSI, was published in noteform, but never released for publishing. Simple Survival has not been printed due to market being saturated with survival books. Mantracking Key Topics and Techniques, has been signed by a publisher, who have change the name. Although I liked Key Topics...
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    Tracking James May across Dartmoor BBC2

    Watch out for some mantracking sequences on James May, Manlab Series2, where James and his buddy Oz escape from Dartmoor Prison, and are pursued by a team of Shadowhawk Trackers. The series is a light hearted look at some of the skills lost by men. There should be some "interesting" tracking...
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    show us your tracking sticks

    Ah, the humble and often mis-called tracking stick. Perhaps as much as nine years ago we ran the first tracking course in the UK, using tracking sticks to BCUK members at Merthyr Mawr( Sorry about spelling). I have spent ten years researching the tracking stick, and joined the US Border Patrol...
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    Have you any handy tracking tips or kit.

    Its always good to see some engaging tracking chatter going on. One thing for sure is that tracks in the dirt can be works of art, and I have often wondered...." If could only lift that set and mount it, I would be a happy man". Showing tracks at their best is a dark art, I have taken some great...
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    Interesting thread. There is a difference between baiting and using attractants. Essentially baiting is aimed at drawing in an animal to feed, and there are ethical problems with feeding, as highlighted in previouse thread. If I want to draw an animal into an area, it is more effective to use...
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    british big cats - your views

    As always, it is difficult to interprete tracks without putting them into context. The tracks are feline, there are lots of reasons for this. The rear foot shows that one of the digits is longer than the others. The rear pads have three clear lobes and the general compression shape is round...
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    Adder bite

    Snake bite! It can hurt, and whats more its worrying about what symptoms come next! I am a qualified venemous snake handler...the lot including mamba and a qualified venemous snake first aider. Its amazing just how many theories there are about treating snake bite. Having aquired a number of...
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    Tracking Software!!What would that means? please ur opinions

    Looking good, lots of info flowing on this one. Several Advanced Shadowhawk trackers have completed their pre-desert and desert tracking specialities and I am sure they would be delighted to offer their help. Max
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    Tracking Software!!What would that means? please ur opinions

    Well done and thanks for choosing tracking as your project. I admire people with vision and the ability to look outside the box. I have worked with several software packages over the years and despite the efforts of the designer they have not really worked. There is the Cybertracker, and a...
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    bird or lizard?

    Hi Geoff, its good to see the tracking forum working up a sweat. Some of good lessons to be learned. Always contexturise a print. You can track alone( despite what Tom B sys)if you have the experience and knowledge to interpret the creator of the track and the action indicators. Its all...
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    Tracking courses

    I thought important to address the situation with regard to SAR Trackers.In order to carry out tracking work for the police you will have to show to them your ability to do what you say you can. In order to reduce their exposure to litigation they will ask that you can show them a ticket...
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    Pressure releases?

    The source of the term "pressure releases" is unknown.I have worked with operational apache scouts and they were not aware of this term or function. The dutch in about 500ad until1200ad used terms which could be likened to pressure releases. Het Neusje -the nose up and het draadje-the thread...
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    Tracking book by Jack Kearney

    The Jack Kearney book is now very dated. New techniques and styles have long since superceeded his book. The only real way to learn is to attend a course. Tracking cant be learned from a book.