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  1. Hungry Cat Wilderness

    Hi! Does anybody have experience of foldable Bergans Ally canoes?

    Hi! Does anybody have experience of foldable Bergans Ally canoes? We have already kayaks, which we use a lot on on sea and lakes. Now we have a plan to get a dog, which makes kayaking more challenging... Is Bergans Ally any good? How does it perform and how robust is it?
  2. Hungry Cat Wilderness

    Hello from Finland

    Hello from Finland! I just joined yesterday, but It looks like this forum has lots of very interesting and useful staff to offer! I have been an outdoor person my whole life. Finland is pretty good place for that kind of activities. Even here in Southern Finland, where I'm I living and...
  3. Hungry Cat Wilderness

    Day Out Great winter day trip, half a meter of snow in Finland

    Hi all! This winter has been very good for the winter outdoor fun in Finland. We have had huge amounts of snow even in Southern Finland and the coastal areas. This was a nice day trip in the woods without skies. Coffee tastes always lovely under the spruce!
  4. Hungry Cat Wilderness

    First leather tinder pouch try...

    I have been interested of different kind of leather works quite a long time. This is my firs attempt to make leather tinder pouch. And of course I made stupid mistake.... But it works! Next will be bit more advanced design!