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  1. Scrimmy

    Tyne Bridge Zip Line
  2. Scrimmy

    Tracking.......print challenge

    The prints are throwing me off, the use of the entrance to the hole looks wide, not sure on location definately not rabbit, take a stab in the dark, saying most have been said, lets say Shelduck. Although it looks pretty damp in that hole.
  3. Scrimmy

    Easter Bunnies....

    We've done this a few times for our scouts, once we took pictures and the district commissioner dissaproved???? not of taking the picks, just doing the activity. We still continue to do it on camps just without him knowing. Our district has gone to pot. Glad you's had a good time, cheers Cain
  4. Scrimmy

    Endicotts Army Surplus

    Another happy customer, rang up and ordered some dutch gortex waterproofs yesterday, friendly service, they arrived today ! Could not be happier, great store.
  5. Scrimmy

    You know your OUT IN THE COUNTRY when!

    When you seem to acquire a natural hate for rambling groups.
  6. Scrimmy

    Through the Window of Red's Shed........

    Thats a bit of good luck that is, no need for high tech equiptment, just an overgrown hedge and a window haha
  7. Scrimmy

    Ramsons Bulbs

    Thankin you all kindly
  8. Scrimmy

    Ramsons Bulbs

    What do people do with Ramsons Bulbs? I've seen a few pictures of people collecting them just wondered how they are eaten? Thanks Cain
  9. Scrimmy

    09 honey stove

    Got mine today cheers Spoony
  10. Scrimmy

    Snowy Owl

    Very unlikely, more likely barn owl, although it could be a captive bird, but it also could be a wild bird on the move, but definately won't have a breeding site in the area. Fetlar was the last bredidng site, and the Snowy owl is being debated about being removed from the British list. Cain
  11. Scrimmy

    Three way Birch Tap Trial !

    We used the tube method, but put a bung in the tree instead of just the pipe, we did it over two nights, the first night wasn't very productive, due to a leak, but the second night we made sure that the bung was tight and got about 4 1/2 litres intotal, it is now fermenting in my room, the house...
  12. Scrimmy

    Birch Sap News

    fair enough:P
  13. Scrimmy

    Birch Sap News

    What knot is that holding the bottle to the tree?
  14. Scrimmy

    Birch Sap News

    Does anybody know the sell by date of the sap? cheers Cain
  15. Scrimmy

    Cool New 'Bushcrafty-Hammock' T-shirts

    sounds good
  16. Scrimmy

    Cool New 'Bushcrafty-Hammock' T-shirts

    You should have patented that:P
  17. Scrimmy

    Birch Sap News

    I like this, simple but effective
  18. Scrimmy

    Birch Sap News

    Me and dad went a drilled two and bunged to tonight, sap was flowing out, go back in the moring to see how much weve got. Were planning to make wine with ours, cheers Cain
  19. Scrimmy

    Hiking Trip

    Theres quite a few kit shops in Newcastle but i would highly recommend visiting Wild Trak, they are located next to the gate, next to the back page shop, they also have a website, Have fun, cheers Cain
  20. Scrimmy

    Tacking CSI....Warning....freaky dead stuff!

    Carrion Crow carried remaing carcas into tree is one scenario of may, and your quote, I tihnk i am a living exmaple of a townie crossing over into the country and back again:P