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  1. coastal survival

    Welcome! Join the converststion and say hello

    Welcome to our Coastal Survival page here at the amazing BCUK forum. Hopefully we can let you know a bit about what we do, who we are and what we can offer.... Please say hello and fell free to start a conversation or thread on a subject or two youd like to know more about.... We are here to...
  2. coastal survival

    Course offer - complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer course - discount booking offer.

    Thought you guys might like to know theres a booking offer on next years Complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer course in South West Scotland. Please click this link for the full info. Thank you, Fraser.
  3. coastal survival

    New Courses and dates from Coastal Survival - Survival at it's best!

    New Courses and dates from Coastal Survival - Survival at it's best! New course: Coastal Survival Diploma Courses Coastal Survival Practitioner. Learn real skills to approach any coastal location with confidence utilising the potential resources...
  4. coastal survival

    Scotland 2014 - Coastal Hunter Gatherer Course - Photo album.
  5. coastal survival

    Scotland course 2014 - Facebook album link

    Photo album of our last course in South West Scotland on my Facebook page as an album.
  6. coastal survival

    Did you go on one of my courses at the Moot.

    Hi every one, If you came on one of my courses at the Moot, and liked what I do, I would really appreciate it if you could tell others about what I do, word of mouth is best, but also theres a survey being conducted, if you get 5 minutes please have a look. Although the Moot is like a holiday...
  7. coastal survival

    Coastal Hunter Gatherer - foraging on the bountiful Scottish coast summer 2014

    Coastal Hunter Gatherer - foraging on the bountiful Scottish coast summer 2014 - Plans are hatching for a week to experience coastal foraging and hunting along the seashore, learning to thrive on the food we will find. If you want a week coastal foraging, fishing , hunting and learning how to...
  8. coastal survival

    Foraging for mushrooms and cooking course - 1 day - 26th October - Near Chepstow.

    Foraging for mushrooms and cooking course - 1 day - 26th October - Near Chepstow. Looking good for mushrooms this year, we are running a day course foraging for mushrooms and cooking what we find, a wild woodland risotto is on the cards, with a selection of wild foraged herb teas and what ever...
  9. coastal survival

    New Bushcraft Course From Coastal Survival

    Hi Guys and Gals, Here's a new bushcraft course for you, if you want to actually catch food with the things you make from natural resources on a course. Full members discount, please PM me for more info and dates when there confirmed.
  10. coastal survival

    Coastal Hunter Gatherer Course - new date - 4/6th October 2013.

    Coastal Hunter Gatherer. Learn how to forage, fish and hunt along the sea shore, then how to best cook and preserve the range of plants, fish and shellfish that we may catch or find. Skills included on this course will be: Gill net construction starting with fishing line and beach rubbish...
  11. coastal survival

    New Coastal Survival website , courses and dates for 2013

    Hi, New Coastal Survival website , Coastal Survival courses and dates for 2013 - Thanks Fraser Any questions to
  12. coastal survival

    Working weekend helping in the woods

    Hi Any one fancy a working weekend on the last weekend of January? I need stones collecting from the stream and carrying in buckets to make paths in the woods, along with a few log bridges etc (gloves + buckets provided ;) There's not much in the way of wild food in January in the woods, but we...
  13. coastal survival

    Coast Hunter Course - New date - 25th/26th May 2013.

    Coast Hunter Course - New date - 25th/26th May 2013 West Dorset. This unique course was voted one the best 52 weekend courses in the world by Lonely Planet magazine. Learn to forage and hunt along the seashore, setting over night traps and nets. Improvised survival fishing and convention...
  14. coastal survival

    Making and using a small coastal gill net videos

    Hi Sorry could not see a thread for Gill nets. A relentless productive method of catching plenty. Here are two links to a videos I just made on - How to rig a gill net - Where to use a gill net. Defiantly worth space in any bug out bag - will catch anything, anywhere, on land and sea. Hope...
  15. coastal survival

    Bushmoot 2012 - Dorset/Devon border after party.

    For all those who attended the 2012 Bushmoot. It was great to meet faces that I meet at last years moot again, and also the many more this year (sorry to any I didn't). Im lucky to have been given so much of my life living wild, and would like to extend my gratitude. I am always inspired...
  16. coastal survival

    What do you want to know about Coastal Survival?

    Hi every one, My names Fraser, I run a full time Coastal Survival School and have been asked by Tone - White Bear, to write some stuff for the site, it would be good to get some feed back on what it is you want to know about or any questions you might have relating to coastal survival or...
  17. coastal survival

    What do want to know about Coastal Survival?

    sorry please delete
  18. coastal survival

    Smoking Fish - Coastal Survival School

    Coastal Survival. Smoking Fish. By Fraser Christian. Originally written for "Bushcraft and Survival skills magazine" The Art of  curing and smoking fish  is a valuable and most useful skill in times when fish are abundant and plentiful, allowing them to be conveniently stored for...
  19. coastal survival

    Coastal Survival - Coast Hunter - Wild Food

    Really good day on the Edible seashore course with Robin Harford of The sun was shining which is always good on a days coastal foraging. We started off on the beach and a few quick pushes of the shrimp net I made the night before, found some nice shrimps. There is only one...