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  1. Mafro

    Bcuk magazines

    Mods if this isn't allowed please remove I have listed my full set of 6 issues of the bcuk magazine on Ebay if anyone is interested in getting their hands on a complete copy of this superb collection of information...
  2. Mafro

    Making a pole lathe

    I've for a long time had romantic notions of turning bowls on a pole lathe. I've never used a pole lathe before, so nothing like jumping in at the deep end. No plans used, just looked at a few pictures and am making it up as I go along. The main body of the lathe is a 200 year old lump of oak...
  3. Mafro

    The Bushcraft Magazine May Meet 2015

    The Bushcraft Magazine runs a three day Bushcraft Weekend each year where you can come and learn new skills, join in activities and watch demonstrations. There is a huge array of activites for all ages. It is a very relaxed event and suitable for everyone, families included. Just a few ideas...
  4. Mafro

    The Birch Bolete

    Another video from this weekend. Steve Kirk introduces you to The Birch Bolete.
  5. Mafro

    Himalayan Balsam

    My son Fenn talks about Himalayan Balsam.
  6. Mafro

    The Blusher

    Steve Kirk from The Bushcraft Magazine introduces you to The Blusher
  7. Mafro

    Giant Puffballs

    I found a nice ring of them last night and made a short video. Had a load for dinner tonight, really really tasty.
  8. Mafro

    Wedding Cake Knife

    My best bud is getting married next month. I made a knife to cut his wedding cake with. I might have gone a little over the top!
  9. Mafro

    Aprils Challenge - A foraged meal with 5 ingredients

    This month's bushcraft challenge should not be too taxing, it is the season of plenty! I would recommend a trip to the coast, though the woods and fields are rich with fresh greens, too. Why the seaside? Well, there is an 'r' in the month and shellfish are still in peak condition. The sandy...
  10. Mafro

    March' Project - Making an Axe Mask

    The March project is a little leatherwork. I (Bardster) am going to show you how I make a mask for an axe. So for this we are going to need a knife, some thick leather and some basic tools. Also an axe. There are various styles of axe mask we could make, my personal favourite is the style as...
  11. Mafro

    February's Project - Making Atlatl (part 1)

    This month the editor of The Bushcraft Magazine Steve Kirk shows you how to make an atlatl thrower and dart. Part 1 will walk you through making the dart. Again people I urge you to try these projects, and post your results here. There are to give you a small insight into the type of content...
  12. Mafro

    January's Project - Making a Penny Stove

    Over the next 12 months we are going to be doing a simple project each month for you to join in with. This is not only to give you the chance to learn new skills, but also as a small glimpse into what goes on in our magazine. January see's us make a simple penny stove. A picture tutorial can...
  13. Mafro

    Autumn '13 Out Now!

    Morning all The Autumn issue of The Bushcraft Magazine is out now. Subscribers should already be seeing their copies falling through the letterbox and we hope you are enjoying the read. If you are not a subscriber head over to our site (check for link in my signature) where you can...
  14. Mafro

    Come on a Fungi Forage with The Bushcraft Magazine - 12th October 2013

    Woodland Fungas Foray. Forage in an ancient woodland for an incredible variety of fungi with our expert Steve Kirk. This is an opportunity to learn about fungi in general, as well as to identify and sample and edible species we find. Bring digital cameras and notebooks. Saturday October 12th...
  15. Mafro

    Massive jellyfish

    Here's the boy and I examining a rather large jellyfish we found on the beach yesterday. He was just as interested as I was :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  16. Mafro

    Shrimping and sandy Shore Forage - Sunday 28th September 2013

    Shrimping and Sandy Shore Foraging. Learn to use a shrimp net and collect shellfish in a beautiful sandy bay on the south coast of Kent under the experienced leadership of lifeboatman John Ruffhead. Bring warm cothes and waders and be prepared to paddle. Sunday September 28th...
  17. Mafro

    Inspired by Hamish

    After seeing Hamish post pictures of his beautiful sporrans I decided to have a go myself. Making one makes you really appreciate how much love and time he puts into his work. This isn't a patch on his creation, but I loved making it and look forward to wearing it. This ones a big thanks to...
  18. Mafro

    The Bushcraft Magazine - Summer '13

    Hi All The Summer edition of the magazine has gone to the printers, and will be dropping through your doors in the next week or so. Not a subscriber? Then head over to our web page to take out a subscription. Its only £20 a year posted in the UK...
  19. Mafro

    Upcoming Courses

    We have two of our ever popular courses coming up. Only £35 for a whole day of learning or £70 for a family of up to five!! Saturday 8th June we have Spoon Carving Sunday 9th June we have Saltmarsh and rocky shore foraging Camping at our farm is included in the price!! For more details...
  20. Mafro

    BBC Listening Project - Flint Knapping with Will Lord

    A few weeks back William Lord and myself took a trip to the BBC to record a conversation on flint knapping. The conversation is edited down to a few minutes for the listening project, and is being played out on BBC Radio Suffolk tomorrow (14th) and on BBC Radio 4 on Friday (17th) I look...