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  1. Twodogs

    Ambulance camper

    Hello folks At the beginning of lockdown I brought a 2010 frontline ambulance build on a sprinter by WAS in Germany. It's a five ton beasty but being old I have C1 on my licence. Its built manly for weekend use so I haven't gone crazy and kept it simple . Still an ongoing project but its usable now.
  2. Twodogs

    Overseas Norway Finse better known as planet Hoth ...

    Its been a changeable year for me in a lot of ways but things are now becoming the new normal ,,ff .. This trip has been knocking around for me for some years , Finse above the tree line on Norway's Hardanger plateau ,, The place were the classic arctic explorers trained ,,, Now like a lot of...
  3. Twodogs

    Twodogs Wool plus bushshirt

    Made this for myself and have lost loads of weight so it no longer fits it is unused . This is the "Plus" French surplus blankets , SASS ventile fabric shoulders and hood section , 16 trim from Turkey , and badged up , BIG size Pit to pit 31 inch arm 22 inch length 37...
  4. Twodogs

    Twodogs , Making now folks

    Flame-Dogs £90 Ninja-Dogs £90 Rain-Dogs £75 Cam-Dogs ..Loads of different cams to be had ,, £90 SASS Ventile fabric and wool lining £150 Twodogs Classic Wool Plus £105 Twodogs Classic Wool £90 Twodogs mountain anorak ,, £90 There are sale threads for all in...
  5. Twodogs

    Twodogs Lionheart Shirt

    The "Lionheart" shirt. This is a midlayer..wool shirt weight This is one for us cold war warriors.. Made from surplus wool mix arctic sleeping bag liners all washed in woolite and conditioner. The same fabric as made the infamous KF shirt. The arms are a closer fit at the cuff than the...
  6. Twodogs

    The Flame- Dogs Cagoule

    The Flame- Dogs Cagoule ( Just so I can say Cagoule ) Classic mountain Cagoule style , zipped pouch , velcro cuffs . single layer ,,Think of it as a windproof Here we go its all about the fabric , Genuine UK MoD issue Sofiguard manufactured by Sofileta in France Sage Green, Kermel Viscose ...
  7. Twodogs

    Twodogs coat of Remembrance.

    I am off to the National memorial arboretum next month to see the " Ride to the wall event " I have made myself the Twodogs coat of Remembrance. All the units I have had the honor respect of serving with regular Army , TA and cadet forces plus poppies for respect :D Dpm cammo the...
  8. Twodogs

    The Twodogs Classic Bushshirt "PLUS "

    Twodogs classic bush shirts Plus.... All to be packed this afternoon and on there way to there new owners. French military surplus blankets in dark green all washed in woolite and conditioner . Shoulders and centre hood section lined with SASS ventile fabric. Trimed with 16mm trim...
  9. Twodogs

    Lord Poncho

    Clear some space mate :)
  10. Twodogs

    Pine tar soap does it help stop the bitting critters ?

    Morning all Any pine tar soap users out there? The question is will using pine tar soap make you less tasty to flying critters when out in the woods? Thanks for your input Cliff
  11. Twodogs

    The North ..Road trip

    Morning All :D Its will soon be road trip time for Twodogs , THE Scotland NC500 in August , However its a good long drive up north from the Midlands and fancy a textiles mill museum of some sort on the way up ? any ideas ?. Vindalanda in Hexham is on the cards then the great North, land of...
  12. Twodogs

    Return of the classic Twodogs wool bushshirt.

    Return of the classic Twodogs wool bushshirt..... I now have a few French military surplus blankets all washed in woolite and conditioner ( apart from Rockys on top of the pile ) ... All in a good green shade... yes GREEN .. It takes up to two blankets to make a bushshirt...
  13. Twodogs

    Twodogs wool frontier bag

    Twodogs wool frontier bag made from vintage Italian military wool blankets . Lid lined with cotton 37 pattern webbing brass buckle and strap Two internal pockets with one lanyard line for tiying things off Price £20 to your door in the UK There are eight only for sale...
  14. Twodogs

    Twodogs Mountain anorak old school

    Moving on from the interest in this thread :) I have just finished the Anorak below made in single layer Estonian Digi-cam made by Carrington fabrics ita good weight and will work very well in this roll , Classic design with...
  15. Twodogs

    Mountain anorak old school

    Just finished another bit of cold weather kit for my ever growing pile A action man and Blacks anorak with a hint of Twodogs . Fabric I have been lucky to get my woolly mittens on some vintage fly sheets made by " Conquest " bit thicker than the Vango force ten flys ,,Ideal...
  16. Twodogs

    Happy Birthday Martin K9

    Happy Birthday Martin K9 Have a "Fantastic" day mate :) I saw this and thought of you :D Twodogs
  17. Twodogs

    SASS Ventile fabric "Twodogs"

    SASS olive green ventile fabric , It will be lined with 100% wool charcoal gray ..mid weight wool , so its not to hot , velcro cuffs, rain deflectors over the pockets , At this time I have the fabric to make ONE only ,,, Made to your size and posted to your door in the UK...
  18. Twodogs

    Tilley Hat

    Tilley hat , Unused Size 7 3/4 or 61.5cm Price £45 to your door in the UK....sold SOLD Thanks for looking
  19. Twodogs

    Optimus 45L paraffin stove

    Optimus 45L paraffin stove In good order still in the box and tin These are still used by the British antarctic survey :) Price SOLD .................. Payment via paypal Thanks for looking Twodogs
  20. Twodogs

    Snowsled is moving on

    Looks like big changes at snowslead , The sale page maybe of use to some though :) Twodogs