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  1. Mafro

    Heads Up. Bushcraft Knife

    Thank you for the mention mate. I'm thinking of taking the membership out on here after Knives UK, but at the moment am more than skint!
  2. Mafro

    Bcuk magazines

    Mods if this isn't allowed please remove I have listed my full set of 6 issues of the bcuk magazine on Ebay if anyone is interested in getting their hands on a complete copy of this superb collection of information...
  3. Mafro

    Any Blacksmiths on here?

    Firegrill Kev makes amazing things. I've had one of his firegrills for 6 years and its as good as the day I got it.
  4. Mafro

    Any Blacksmiths on here?

    This is who you are after
  5. Mafro

    Anyone on Instagram?

    I have two accounts on there. Both are pretty self explanatory
  6. Mafro

    Craterellus species going crazy out there....

    Oh my Geoff, that is one forage you will never forget. Eat well mate :)
  7. Mafro

    Absolutely stonking start to the mushroom season

    Thanks Dan, first I have ever heard of this so will do some reading myself and report back. Should be interesting.
  8. Mafro

    Absolutely stonking start to the mushroom season

    That's quite the statement Geoff! I thought anything with kidneys and a liver would be effected by the toxins from the death cap. Hence why slugs are ok to eat them. I would assume that squirrels, deer, rabbits etc... would all die if they ate one. What evidence is there to back this up...
  9. Mafro

    Strange alien fungi with clear gel?

    Looks like the egg form of the stink horn. Phallus impudicus.
  10. Mafro

    Water to go

    You can get 20% off of Water 2 Go using the code Bushcraft20 too! I've used their bottles for years, and drank the most questionable water without any payback! Great product :)
  11. Mafro

    Handline fishing

    Great job mate. They are both wrasse. The top being a cuckoo wrasse and the second looks to be a ballan wrasse.
  12. Mafro

    Firesteel striker/scraper blanks

    Bits of old hacksaw blades make great scrapers. Cut and shape to your desired size and off you go!
  13. Mafro

    Kent woods

    Sounds interesting. Would be interested to know where in Kent it is :)
  14. Mafro

    The bushcraft magazine mayday meet

    Thanks Dave, I'm pretty sure that's not our event :)
  15. Mafro

    Making a pole lathe

    That looks superb. I'm really looking forward to giving this a go :)
  16. Mafro

    Making a pole lathe

    Your picture isn't showing for me Seabass. However, I have chiselled out holes on both uprights that accept a wedge, meaning that they can both be moved to whatever position I require. Yeah, only just got a decent forge going. Made a wood working knife a year or so back, and now the turning...
  17. Mafro

    Knife makers ovens

    I'm guessing this is a no go now? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Mafro

    Making a pole lathe

    I've for a long time had romantic notions of turning bowls on a pole lathe. I've never used a pole lathe before, so nothing like jumping in at the deep end. No plans used, just looked at a few pictures and am making it up as I go along. The main body of the lathe is a 200 year old lump of oak...
  19. Mafro

    The Bushcraft Magazine May Meet 2015

    Wonderful. Looking forward to seeing you all.
  20. Mafro

    The Bushcraft Magazine May Meet 2015

    £35 for a single ticket or £60 for a family ticket