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  1. grumit

    Throwing knives

    Hi chaps any knife throwers here used to play around some years ago and fancy playing again so question where to get them and which are worth having
  2. grumit

    Cree torches

    7 days shop have deals on at the moment on Cree torches worth looking at
  3. grumit

    bah humbug

    thank you easy jet for a ruined xmas basicly we had are flights cancelled friday morning leaving us stock in london gatwick with no option of getting to our destination or home before yesturday we will get a refund from them soposedly but i had to pay an extra 280 quid to get back home and...
  4. grumit

    who has used their bearclaw bushcrafter

    ok its a while now that the bearclaw knives have been around so hows about some pics of the used ones mine is still a draw queen so no point posting it but what about the rest of you
  5. grumit

    trapping ebook

    just seen this on bb and thought it would interest some of us here too
  6. grumit

    itune's voucher

    anyone want to trade for a £25 itunes voucher as i can not use it here in guernsey
  7. grumit

    meet up in camebridge

    coming over to camebridge next wensday till sunday and know there are some members around that way so any of you fancy a meetup for a pint or just a natter drop me pm i will be staying with friends not far from newmarket think its bishops stallford or there abouts
  8. grumit

    bearclaw knife who has and uses on

    i have one but dont use it as i find the handle a little thin got size 10ish hands and to many other blades to use need to cut down
  9. grumit

    lost picture

    hi chaps just getting over a major pc meltdown had ro reload windows and lost everything on it i had a picture of a real nice river one of you posted about 3 years ago as my desk top pic i know it was called worthwhile being outdoors but just can find it any ideas
  10. grumit

    just had twins arive almost

    just had these two arive from aw they are flawless perfection
  11. grumit

    bokers for sale

    got two boker integral range knives sitting in a draw doing nothing they both have woodlore style sheaths made by jamie briggs in the us one is rosewood the other thuja burl they wood make good bushcrafters for children or persons with small hands (hobbit used one for a while before her...
  12. grumit

    nikon slr with two lenses

    hi guys i need the space in my camara bag so one of my slr's has to go its a nikon f60 silver with 28 to 80 d and a 70 to 210 in very good condition only been used as a back up to the f90 open to offers around 150 or a trade for kit traded over at bb
  13. grumit

    aw woodlore on bb

    aw woodlore just gone up at bb
  14. grumit

    welcome member 1500

    welcome titanium hiker member 1500 :wave:
  15. grumit

    xmas spirit

    ok got 5 of these left free to good homes and as i'm full of xmas spirit i;ll even pay the post they fit all my fire kit in with room for more first come first served :wave: four left
  16. grumit

    merry christmas

    well jetting off to the sun again for xmas first thing in the morning so just wanted to wish you all the best for christmas and a happy new year from me and hobbit all the best for now see you all in three weeks :You_Rock_
  17. grumit

    woodlore sheath with a difference

    hi people i have just received a nice new black custom leather sheath for my ws woodlore made by alan wood to match the bushcrafter i have from him so have a factory sheath spare but it is a bit different to normal as alan kindly added a loop to it for the fire steel so if any one is interested...
  18. grumit

    knives and how many

    ok lets see the knife aholics out there as we seem to have some so how many do we own i will start at last count i had 22 but still growing
  19. grumit

    Welcome member #1000

    hi professorhinky welcome to you are 1000th member :newbie:
  20. grumit

    another bbk

    have a new bbk but having trouble with pics thank you guy for sorting this pic