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  1. EdS

    Mora 120 alternative

    I'm looking for a cheap and cheerful whittling / carving knife. The Mora 120 firs the bill but in short supply - any suggestions for a similar one? Ideally with a "barrel" handle rather than Erm... sculptured. The Mora Basis would be OK but not keen on that type of handle shape Cheers
  2. EdS

    Wood for toys

    A friend of mine has started to make wooden toys for her daughters. However, at the moment she is struggling to get wood with a nice grain - planks / boards Any one suggest an online retailer I mention Cheers
  3. EdS

    Tri fols shovel /e tool

    Anyone know of a relatively cheap source of genuine tri fold NATO shovels? I've had a look and can only find battered ones or expensive ones. I'm after one to keep in car until I sort WG one / take paddle camping.
  4. EdS

    West German entrenching tool

    Anyone repaired one of these? The handle on mine snapped the other day.... Its was 1966 issue so no big surprises. But the head is still in very good condition. It looks like there are 2 pins in the way of drilling out the broken wood
  5. EdS

    French 'feuille' cleaver

    I've an old Peugeot (with the elephants trade mark) cleaver - feuille /Swiss style. I'm trying to find some info on. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. EdS

    Electric chainsaw

    Having move to somewhere with mains gas for first time since the 90s I'm not burn anywhere near as much wood.... So I'm looking at getting an electric chainsaw for ease of use etc. Something to sit between a bowsaw and the 50cc petrol beasty. Most cutting wood for the fire pit and a bit for...
  7. EdS

    Tapatalk add

    Is it possible to get rid of the banner at. It really gets in the way and stops me seeing notifications etc on my phone. I've stopped visiting the site so often as that is how annoying it is
  8. EdS

    Ultrafire WF 1000 replacement

    Looks like my trust Ultrafire has died - the best I can get is strobe if I loosen the glass. What do folks suggest as a replacement - 1000lms or so, 18650 battery(ies) and wont break the bank. I'm after something for looking at the wild life, dog walks and chucking in rucksack on searches...
  9. EdS

    fjellraven trousers, gillet and tarp

    Second - Fjellraven Greenland (I think) trousers - loads of pockets inc. axe pocket. Would be in excellent condition if I hadn't had a run in with some barbed wire - small tears on knee and seat. All professionally repaired and inside patched. Years of wear left. Only selling as I've lost...
  10. EdS


    ----- PRICE INC. P&P TO UK ADDRESS VIA ROYAL MAIL----- With less that 20 days until the nights start to draw in it's time to start thinking about warm stuff. So first up a completely hand made - hand sheared, spun and knitted Herdwick wool jumper - in natural colours. Approx size medium. Fits...
  11. EdS

    SF shades - bargin
  12. EdS

    low cost tablet

    Toying with getting tablet as I seem to use phone more than laptop these days. i'm after a relatively cheap one. I want it for surfing the net, emails when out and about and using some mapping software. Must external sd / micro sd card - at least 32gb compatible and ideally GPS Any...
  13. EdS

    Blizzard Bag

    Silver Blizzard survival bag. Unused & unopened - still vacuum packed £20 inc p&p by RM to UK address
  14. EdS

    poleaxe, AutoSocks and bits

    First up: That poleaxe - needs some TLC, the edge needs putting back on - but its not supposed to be razor sharp. Very rare now- the pick axe handle has the stamp of council the went in 1974. £55 Genuine AutoSocks - never used, spent last winter in the boot of the car. Size 580 for 13/14"...
  15. EdS

    maglite solitare alternative

    Any suggestion? Basic single aaa torch that is fairly small (and cheapish) but half decent quality
  16. EdS

    outlook 2007 help

    I've a BT email account that I use on Outlook 2007 - I had a few issues so tried to delet the account to start again. As have done in the past. However, rather than total remove the account it has called the previous set up " Personal Files". Old stuff is still there but nothing new is coming...
  17. EdS

    different but deadly

    While clearing the office junk we came across this little beauty: Abattoir killing axe. No idea of the age but the pick axe handle it goes on is stamped the the initials of a one of small councils that disappeared in 1974.
  18. EdS

    clear out - sharps, stoves & stuff

    couple of axes: Morris of Dunsford . Kent pattern. £20 Blacksmith made axe, £25 - mostly postage as heavy Monitor Thermidor stove: works but needs a service - £15 sickle: 1956 WD issue, maker TBC: some surface rust, but sharp Parasene 2pt kero pressure stove £20. In...
  19. EdS

    jumper, Utili-kilt, tiffin & kettle

    Hand made Herdwick wool jumper. Hand sheared,carded, spun and knitted. All natural colours. Very warm and hard wearing. £20 Genuine Utili-kilt -- model: Original. Size S 37- note this is not measured on normal trouser waist size.It works out about 34 - 38" waist, just too big for 32". £35...
  20. EdS

    Alpkit Numo

    Anyone got one? 1) how do you rate them 2) how robust are they, in general and compared to a normal self inflating mat Cheers