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  1. punkrockcaveman

    Chanterelle woes

    I've been concentrating on my foraging a lot this year. The past few weeks has seen a lot of fungi action- and my research and time out in the field is getting justly rewarded, and I've had some lovely samples of edible fungi. One Fungi I've not come across so far is the chanterelle. It seems...
  2. punkrockcaveman

    HOTW and chorizo roll

    In honour of TeeDee's old foodie posts, I thought I'd try an get an arty shot of a very simple unassuming meal. I found my first hen of the woods yesterday, after trying a little fried last night and having no upset or reaction I fried the rest up until crispy in butter with some chorizo, then...
  3. punkrockcaveman

    The penny bun drops... (pic heavy)

    I've been seeing a few mushrooms appearing recently, particularly boletus and amanita species so I thought with all the rain the one thing that will be doing well are the shrooms. So I headed off to a public but slightly lesser known wood (mainly due to the lack of parking and crossing a bunch...
  4. punkrockcaveman

    Winter hammock setup

    So last December I had a night out in the hammock in -6, and I was cold for the majority of it- nothing life threatening just got the chills every few minutes and consequently struggled to sleep, not that I was surprised by the result. I had my usual set up, a snugpak elite 4 that has lost a...
  5. punkrockcaveman

    Withdrawn Trangia 25 full/part

    Hi guys, thought I'd check here before I purchase elsewhere. I'm after a full 25 kit for 35 quid all in, or the 1.75 pan, lid and handle for 20. I'd rather buy 2nd hand if poss. Likely to be a stretch I know but worth asking, cheers!
  6. punkrockcaveman

    Gorge hook

    I've been meaning to have a go at carving a few of these up to try at the coast, they ended up a bit rough but they are super fiddly. I'd imagine picking the right size is an absolute fine art, especially for big fish. I can see the small one landing me a few flatfish though. Anyone else...
  7. punkrockcaveman

    Thoughts on Zoo's

    I visited a popular zoo today, not the first time I've been to a zoo mind, but everytime I go as fascinating as it is to see such a variety of incredible animals, I can't help but feel sad for them. Some actually look a bit sad or atleast stressed to a degree. I think they are a great...
  8. punkrockcaveman

    Foraged plant fertiliser

    Has anyone used any foraged plants to make homegrown liquid fertiliser? I've recently been turning up the heat on my foraging education, particularly plant species and this week I happened across a plant called common comfrey, Symphytum oofficinale, this beast: Now just to clear it is only...
  9. punkrockcaveman

    Umbellifer specific book reccomendations?

    Starting to get my head around a handful of the common umbellifers but I'd like to get more confidence in my ID skills of them and the other foraging books I have just don't get close enough for my liking. Are there any good books people can reccomend? I've come across umbellifers of the...
  10. punkrockcaveman

    Sold Hohner harmonica

    Great condition hardly used, set to key of c major scale. Bit of something to do by the fireside :) £12 posted inc. Fees
  11. punkrockcaveman

    A couple of woodturning bits

    Starting to get okayish pieces out now, not too rough finishes on them haha. First up is a bowl from an unknown burr, I think its sycamore? Very light colour 2nd up is a wee box, first time I tried one of these, it was pretty challenging getting the wood so thin and getting it to fit right...
  12. punkrockcaveman

    Ben Orford on telly

    Itv, 'love your weekend with Alan Titchmarsh Carving a spoon. Looking very pro :)
  13. punkrockcaveman

    The start of the trout season

    I know in some places of the UK ot has already kicked off but for us its the 25th. Can't bloomin wait, nice to have something to look forward to. This year I've taken the plunge back in to fly fishing a fly tying, after an absence of about 10 years. I blame Mr. Claycombe and the epic fly fishing...
  14. punkrockcaveman

    Sold Stanley no. 78 plane

    Stanley no. 78 plane. £20 inc. Postage and paypal fees :)
  15. punkrockcaveman

    Sold Froe

    Made from EN45 spring steel 8mm thick, same as the ones sold on ebay, no handle and the edge is unfinished (as per the ebay ones) £20 inc postage and paypal fees :)
  16. punkrockcaveman

    The "what is that plant?" thread

    I thought I would open up this thread as we have one for mushrooms but none for plants weirdly, it's something I'm planning to do a lot of this year (already have to be honest) and theres no better time to be learning what plants are around. So I'll get the ball rolling with a few that I've...
  17. punkrockcaveman

    Immature hogweed tips

    Hi folks. I'm hoping to munch my way through a lot of hogweed this year. I know it can get mixed up with giant hogweed, and I'm familiarising myself with the differences in identity on the nature plants, but as we are heading into spring, are there any good ways to tell the difference between...
  18. punkrockcaveman

    Sold PRICE DROP Irwin marples chisel set plus extras

    This is a set of 6 Irwin marples spiltproof chisels in box. There is slight damage to one of the slots as pictured, and the 19mm chisel has a wee nick out of the top of the handle. These are used chisels and I have tried my best to display the edge condition. In the sale I'm including a proper...
  19. punkrockcaveman

    Spring greens

    What a great spring day today. Warm in the sun, plenty of plants pushing up :) and a few forageable mushrooms to boot Lords and ladies (poisonous) Fig buttercup/lesser celandine Scarlet Elf cup Velvet shank Got a nice haul of wild garlic too, lovely fresh shoots coming up by the river.
  20. punkrockcaveman

    Tung oil

    I'm going to buy some tung oil, I've seen some liberon stuff that's about a tenner for 250ml posted. They have a 'pure' tung oil and a 'quick dry' version, any idea which is better? I'm leaning towards the quick dry as it will be used on cups, spoons and bowls for food, but I have no...