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  1. chrishopper33

    Orange Rescue Panel - with Reflective strips. Or - Might be good with a few modifications.
  2. chrishopper33

    South Wales Bushcrafters Meet in Pembrokeshire

    Just replied to Greg’s message. I’m in Haverfordwest so pretty much in between you both.
  3. chrishopper33

    South Wales Bushcrafters Meet in Pembrokeshire

    I’d be very keen to attend and contribute to a future meet. I live in Pembrokeshire and would like to meet like minded people.
  4. chrishopper33

    BushMoot 2017 - July 31st - August 12th

    is the enquirers part of the bushmoot site working? sent a message a week ago, no reply.
  5. chrishopper33

    i am in need of a of a Good Quality BIVI bag for the Moot!! i have one of these and it is excellent, much better then gore tex.
  6. chrishopper33

    Scouts and Scouters on BCUK

    i am an ex-scout got my chief scouts award and did a couple of years in venture scouts, my bro is a scout leader as well.