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  1. Tonyuk

    Article: Lowa Patrol Boots - Pic Heavy

    You can view the page at
  2. Tonyuk

    Musclefood Ready Meals

    Hi Guys, Just a quick heads up, I ordered a few ready meals from the below page; I was expecting them to come in the usual plastic tray for heating but instead they actually come in pouches instead, very much like the Look what we...
  3. Tonyuk

    Does anyone have experience with this stove?

    Hi there guys, i'm looking to source a multi-fuel stove for a mate who was interested in my coleman 533 but didn't want to pay the price for one new, i've found the below stove online and it seems like a similar concept but a good bit cheaper...
  4. Tonyuk

    Canteen brew/cooking kit's & fuels.

    Hi There, I was using my canteen cook kit earlier and thought i would post a couple of pics of the set up in comparison to the popular crusader 2 system, along with a quick review of some of the fuels I've been using. The kit i use is pictured below. It's made up of a standard US GI canteen...
  5. Tonyuk

    Time to Brew Up

    Hi Guy's, Had a free afternoon today and decided to spend it productively making another one of these; Buy the end of it i was gasping for a brew so decided to give it a quick test, perfect timing. Tea in a coffee mug; Left the pot a bit sooty but boiled very quickly...
  6. Tonyuk

    French Army Canteen Set

    Hi There, I thought i would do a quick review of a new canteen set i found on eBay. Metal canteens have many advantages, chief among them seems to be the ability to boil water in them over an open fire, which of-course isn't possible with a plastic canteen. Looking around for a metal...
  7. Tonyuk

    Article: Lowa Patrol Boots

    You can view the page at
  8. Tonyuk

    Lowa Patrol Boots - Pic Heavy

    Boots are important, everyone who needs them should invest in a quality pair that'll look after you and last years. Lowa, a German boot maker, are widely regarded as being one of these high quality manufacturers. I've worn a pair of Lowa mountain boots for years, covering hundreds of miles in...
  9. Tonyuk

    Bates Boots - On sale at Polmil

    Hey Guys, Just thought to mention that Bates boots are on sale now at Polmil with a few at 50% off while stocks last. Just got a pair of their steel toe cap type for £45, very good for that price. Link here; Tonyuk
  10. Tonyuk

    TITAN Combat-style Rock Fishing Trousers

    Hi Guys, Looking for another pair of trousers with hip pockets, found these looking on the Titan site for less then £20; Has anyone tried these? I'm guessing they're made of the same material as...
  11. Tonyuk

    Cheap Beanie Hats

    Hi Guys, Just to let you all know about a couple of cheap beanie hats i found on the bay recently; There's a seller with a load of colour options with them all priced at 99p with free postage...
  12. Tonyuk

    Cheap Meths Substitute?

    Hi Guys, Used up the last of my meths last night making a brew on a new trianga burner, just testing it to make sure it worked and not a problem. I normally buy it in bulk from Ebay and have done so for a few years now. I was on earlier and spotted this...
  13. Tonyuk

    Site Beagle Trousers

    Hi Guys, Just to let you all know about a bit of kit I've just came across. I was needing a new pair of outdoor trousers for a weekend out coming up and my last pair from craghoppers had a rip right down them (Not slating them, they lasted for over a year) So looking about i stumbled on the...