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  1. punkrockcaveman

    What did you buy today?

    I'd have thought so. Or maybe install a wooden bar with appropriately spaced nails? Inside the picker is an angled piece that stops the berries rolling back of when you tilt the picker forwards- worth building in if you DIY it
  2. punkrockcaveman

    What did you buy today?

    @tombear delivered this morning, pretty quick turnaround! It looks good, pretty light, two of the combs were stuck together with paint but I just shoved my nail file on the SAK between them and twisted, they separated easy enough. Looks good!
  3. punkrockcaveman

    What did you buy today?

    Hi @tombear , is was on the evil bay, link below: Berry Picker just as a disclaimer, I haven't recieved I yet, just paid for it. I've got a tracking link for it, I'm praying it's coming tomorrow otherwise likely to be Monday as its coming to work. I'll put a pick up when it arrives if that helps?
  4. punkrockcaveman

    What did you buy today?

    Perhaps a little late, but a berry picker. Should have some haws around to test it on still.
  5. punkrockcaveman

    Chanterelle woes

    Thanks Mary, atleast I'm not on a wild goose chase! I know a couple of decent woods that have a bit of a mix of pine and broadleaf. I'll check over the spot where I've seen the false chanterelle... hopefully they won't be too far away....
  6. punkrockcaveman

    Chanterelle woes

    I've been concentrating on my foraging a lot this year. The past few weeks has seen a lot of fungi action- and my research and time out in the field is getting justly rewarded, and I've had some lovely samples of edible fungi. One Fungi I've not come across so far is the chanterelle. It seems...
  7. punkrockcaveman

    Let’s see your cook kits in use.

    After acquiring this old trangia a few weeks ago I can't quite believe how many times I've used it. Probably 15 times already? Brilliant bit of kit for throwing on a quick brew and equally as good for throwing out a meal for 3 to 4 people. P.s. that is hen of the woods frying in garlic and...
  8. punkrockcaveman

    So much fruit

    Im hoping to get out and collect a bunch of Haws for a crack at fruit leathers. In the garden the strawberry stopped a long time ago but the rasps are just starting to come through weirdly, I always thought these were early fruiters. We got dwarf apple, plum and pear trees this year that have...
  9. punkrockcaveman

    Your picture of the day...

  10. punkrockcaveman

    John Lord - Old photos.

    Looks Awesome T. Do you still do any knapping?
  11. punkrockcaveman

    What did you buy today?

    Brilliant! Which one to buy though?
  12. punkrockcaveman

    What did you buy today?

    That's the one. Impressively bright. It'll be interesting to see how long the battery lasts on the different settings. Should've ordered a spare battery with it though
  13. punkrockcaveman

    Foraged plant fertiliser

    Think it's nearly finished, much darker colour to it now too, should do a great job next year. I'll fire up a nettle one soon methinks.
  14. punkrockcaveman

    What did you buy today?

    One of the Sofirn headlamps I've heard so much about- feels much better having a rechargeable light. What I didn't expect is it to have such a pleasant colour, it's kind of a warm yellow, looks more like daylight than any other LED light I've used.
  15. punkrockcaveman

    Suggestions - Whats good to forage now?

    The bilberries are still going strong in some areas up here in Yorkshire.
  16. punkrockcaveman

    Suggestions - Whats good to forage now?

    Sloe gin, pretty standard I know. Never really thought about what else could be done with em, maybe some kind of hoisin sauce? If I can get more hazelnuts, I'll do a hazelnut liqueur of some sort.
  17. punkrockcaveman

    Suggestions - Whats good to forage now?

    I fried up a few Amethyst deceiver mushrooms. Lovely, they were very reminiscent of velvet shanks. Hazelnuts, crab apples and sloes last Saturday.
  18. punkrockcaveman

    The Ultimate "What is this Fungi?" thread.

    By no means conclusive on any of them, but I would start by looking at sulphur tuft for no.1, and scarletina bolete for no.2
  19. punkrockcaveman

    Just one crop

    If you get them in now, maybe garlic? something you can harvest and keep long term for sure. We have a single bed full of strawberries and as great as it is seeing them and having a glut we end up giving loads away or making jam. Then you are left with nothing bar jam. Some kind of bean...
  20. punkrockcaveman

    Gorge hook

    That's it exactly. I get the feeling they are very size dependent, and probably only work well with certain baits