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    Whoes near me?

    Just curious anyone near lossiemouth or up this end. If so Hi and whats about here forest wise? Regards Lodian
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    Panda Internet Security

    Ok i have a full protection suite that i bought today I went and bought Panda internet security 2009 for £34.99. Took it home and it would not work for my PC so took it back to the shop it worked on her one but said she can't exchange it or give me my money back as I had opened it and might...
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    Last time we where out-Heavy pic

    These pictures are from our most recent camping trip, went out to Lenabo forest only rained once can't complain. :) Im on the right but im not very photogenic. Pic:1 You can see our indestructable shelter :) Held up all night quite suprised. Pic 2: CraigPHD and i with ermmm... lets call...
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    Need to lose some weight

    From my Rucksack that is :) The thing is every time I go out camping i always seem to be carrying more than everyone else can people please make suggestions to my list below for weight reduction. I’m using a Lowe Alpine 60 L rucksack which does how pouches on the sides as well as a...
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    Rabbit recipes

    From my last shooting ive got one fairly size rabbit sitting in the freezer-and i want to eat it tonight, i had rabbit last week as a sort of stock pot like I seen MPW cook it. Though obviously mine will never be as good as his. I have the usual ingrediants lying around the house and a good...
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    Ration Packs

    Looking for best place to buy the British Military 24hr Ration packs. I have had them in the past and quite enjoy them. The best website i have found has been this one, And £6 a box i think thats probably the best im going to get , any advice welcome. Lodian
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    What are you supposed to do??

    Was unpacking my kit from camping at the weekend, and had a little thought. When I was out I used an openfronted small lean-to type shelter. With a proper sized long log fire. Most of the log where about 1.5 meter long but as its a mainly pine forest the wood burns quite quickly. Anyway...
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    Ray Mears Wild Food

    I have a recently bought copy of the Ray Mears Wild Food and im looking to swap it with someone for a different book. Its in great condition its just not my cup of tea. Any offers???
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    Out of curiosity....

    A group of us where out hunting last weekend and we got a good amount of rabbits. I use a Gamo Vipermax with a BSA milldot sight. Anyway , we normally divide the rabbits and the rest goes to the butcher. Which seems the fair way to do things .However was talking to someone at work who said...
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    Mors book giveaway.

    Last year after the delamere meet someone was nice enough to give me a copy of Northern Bushcraft. By Mors Kochanski Since then i have read this start to end then back again about 10 times. And have gained invaluable knowledge from it.And now I think it would be better in someonelse's hands...
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    Axe help please...

    Need some recomendations on axe's or more specificly where to by them from. Up untill now I have only really used small £9.99 hatchet models. that do a good few camping trips but don't really cut the grade anymore. As my "level" of shelter building and getting logs for the fire is changing...
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    Sunday outing

    Have not posted on this site in agessssssssssssss so thought i would put this up with one or two photos. Managed to get out on Sunday to my local spot ( 10 miles away!!) its really good as the dog walkers only stick to the paths and the land is covered in deer,pheasent,rabbits and...
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    Anyone else as stupid as me.

    Forecast pssing with rain, cold and damp. Thats when im going tocamping/shooting. :) Is there anyone else out there that really doesnt give about the weather. Or should i just admit im an obsessed person? Lodian P.S Please be gentle,
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    Rabbit Season?

    Just hoping to clarify something here. What is the best time of day and year for rabbit hunting,not lamping just an air rifle and dog. When i was around 10 an old hand at hunting said to me that the season for rabbits is the months which don't contain R's in them.(May June July and...
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    Useful site....Air Rifle Pest Control

    Just came across this little gem found it really helpful. Lodian
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    Does anyone stay nearthe following....

    No longer required.
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    C58 bottle for free.

    OK as it suggests i have recently got a new c58 patt water canteen soi no longer need my old one its in pretty good nick no dents etc and lid works fine, only catch is the cup which sits on top has been broken so that won't be included just the bottle. It is like i said going for free, but if...
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    Wanted: Air rifle stock .....

    I have recently acquired a 2nd hand air rifle but the stock is in pretty bad condition, so if anyone has a spare one there willing to sell pm me or post here. Ryan
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    Am I in the wrong?

    The other day Porter my old boss david and i went out Rabitiing got about 20 and split them into 2 David took 10 Porter and I took the other 10. The hotel were Porter worked had offered £1 a rabbit aslong as they were gutted. Its now Wednesday and they have been kept in the freezer to my...
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    Help needed(Air Rifle)

    Due to the new air rifle laws prohbitng rifles being sent over post im now in a pickle in getting one. Is there anyone who stays within reasonable distance of a decent Air Rifle shop willing to make a deal with me obviously thered be some financial benefit in it for them aswell as my thanks. If...