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  1. Tonyuk

    Ranger roll sleep system

    Several times i've been soo strapped that i've simply rolled into my basha and fell asleep. However you'll wake up wet with sweat, wont be kept that dry in the rain, but will be kept warmer. The old poncho liners aren't any warmer than a decent hoodie imo, definitely not suitable for use in...
  2. Tonyuk

    Word association game

  3. Tonyuk

    Loose Axe Head?

    I'd pay £20 plus postage to have someone re-handle it tbh. If your willing to pay a bit extra, wait a bit longer and find a competent woodworker they could likely carve a new handle down into the old ones shape and size.
  4. Tonyuk

    Anodised ali pot

    The steel crusader mug is bombproof.
  5. Tonyuk


    Looks like the old "warm" kit we got back in the early 90s. Quilted, stiff, badly fitting and cold to the touch. Forget that, get some proper modern warm kit. I reccomend primaloft.
  6. Tonyuk

    Please sign this petition

    You may aswell start buying chocolate teapots. There about as much use as signing petitions.
  7. Tonyuk

    Decent field jacket

    I use one of these with the velcro cut off; If you mean a proper waterproof then either a paramo or keela belay jacket.
  8. Tonyuk

    Potassium Permanganate?

    It's ideal for any cheesy feet issues. Mix in a basin with warm water until you get a nice red colour and soak for 15 -20 mins. It'll turn your nails brown though but who cares. Keep it in a glass jar, and away from any other chemicals. Be very careful not to inhale it or get it in your eyes.
  9. Tonyuk

    Israeli trauma field dressings

    The date refers to how long the manufacturer guarantees the item will stay sterile for. The bandage itself will be fine. If you need to use one you'll be going to A&E anyway, and they'll clean and dress the wound properly.
  10. Tonyuk

    Kuksa advice

    Every single wooden kuksa i've ever owned has eventually cracked, even with oiling. I stick to metal or plastic now, saves a lot of messing around.
  11. Tonyuk

    Why plastic taste develops in my camelbacks?

    Walking about the sandpit, a bit of plastic taste from your water will be the last thing on your mind. I was more worried some bloke with a mobile or a pressure plate under the rocks myself. Plenty of the water that you get also had a nice bleachy tang to it so you didn't really taste the...
  12. Tonyuk

    Reviewing cooking setup.

    Your cooking kit should reflect what you intend to eat. If it's mostly just foods that need heating or boiling water added then i usually just bring a metal mug and a small pot (with lid) such as this below...
  13. Tonyuk

    Is it stil worth carrying a compass?

    Both are useful, and I carry both often on larger hikes. But if you plan to go anywhere remote, you would be stupid to not carry a proper map, compass and measure, and train yourself in their use.
  14. Tonyuk

    Scrim net scarf...or good old Shemagh??

    I had a green one many, many years ago. After several years of not washing it i'm sure it go up and walked away itself, probably has a cottage somewhere up in the Brecons now.
  15. Tonyuk

    Head torch recommendations. Red lamp priority.

    I like the petzl e-lite and have one that is several years old. Red light is far too overrated imo. It doesn't preserve night vision, is poor for actually seeing anything in the dark, and wont show up contour lines on a map at all in the pitch black.
  16. Tonyuk

    Factory New NATO Equipment?

    Folding sleeping mats aren't worth bothering with. Get yourself a 3/4 inflating mat. Sleep with your feet in your rucksack.
  17. Tonyuk

    Snugpak Elite 3 or Kestrel 6

    If you go for the new issue bag, make sure to get the large size. I don't fit a medium and i'm only 5 10.
  18. Tonyuk

    Scrim net scarf...or good old Shemagh??

    I washed mine a few days ago, that's about it.
  19. Tonyuk

    Gaiters and tall boots? Yes? No? Why?

    If you go anywhere with a load of snow, you'll want gaiters. Same if your working in anywhere boggy for any decent length of time.
  20. Tonyuk

    Dated dressings - would you use if needed?

    The date usually isn't to do with the bandage itself, its nearly always to do with the packaging and how long the manufacturer guarantees it'll stay sterile for.