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  1. EdS

    Fruits in alcohol, what are you busy concocting?

    Plumbs fermentating away to be turned into slivovitz.
  2. EdS

    What are you growing?

    Mostly older and grumpier
  3. EdS

    In the news today......

    They were vicious at Loch Maree a couple of weeks ago
  4. EdS

    Greenforce ' meat '

    I used to love the burnt crunchy bits as a kid. I wouldn't eat meat burgers back then.... Didn't like the texture
  5. EdS

    Tactical pen, legal carry in the UK or not?

    Kaweco steel sport
  6. EdS

    Orange Rescue Panel - with Reflective strips.

    Orange beaters flag.... Or neon pink one With reflective guy line ad tie out
  7. EdS

    Any Alternatives in the UK - all the knives look the same

    Since I got a factory second one of these is my go to blade. Pretty does everything I want. Food prep, small game (dozens of pheasant) and light wood fettling. And is aesthetically pleasing Other than that an opinel 7 as pocket - mostly where i might loose a fixed blade / don't carry a sack...
  8. EdS

    Sleeping Bag Suggestion - Down.

    Start with your budget
  9. EdS

    The layering system

    Buffalo /Paramo rip off. Not rocket science, it's pretty much what every UK climber has been wearing for the last 30 years
  10. EdS

    Stainless knife for abusing and losing

    Attach the lanyard to the BA with a thin small cable tie - strong enough keep it to hand but easily snapped of entangled. It's what we do with the ones on our Swiftwater Rescue Tec ones - never lost one yet.
  11. EdS

    Mora 120 alternative

    Good call
  12. EdS

    Mora 120 alternative

    I'm looking for a cheap and cheerful whittling / carving knife. The Mora 120 firs the bill but in short supply - any suggestions for a similar one? Ideally with a "barrel" handle rather than Erm... sculptured. The Mora Basis would be OK but not keen on that type of handle shape Cheers
  13. EdS

    Closed cell foam sleep mat for winter use?

    Check out multimat expedition stuff
  14. EdS

    Wood for toys

  15. EdS

    Wood for toys

  16. EdS

    Wood for toys

    A friend of mine has started to make wooden toys for her daughters. However, at the moment she is struggling to get wood with a nice grain - planks / boards Any one suggest an online retailer I mention Cheers
  17. EdS

    The best head torch (for country life)

    Fenix HM65 R Good compromise of cost vs performance Use it for everything from dog walking, outside work, second caving light to MRT call outs
  18. EdS

    Need help to find a pair of trekking poles.

    Mountain King - British made
  19. EdS

    Victorinox. Why?

    Victorinox Spartan for me. Small, discrete all the essential tools - blade, bottle opener, corkscrew, glasses screwdriver etc Fixed a shower unit with it yesterday. Opened boxes today
  20. EdS

    Dress up knife carry - what's yours?

    SAK Spartan - if I'm dressing up the Cork screw and bottle opener will be in demand Or I'll be in court where you can't take any blade