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  1. Leshy

    What wood for beginners carving?

    I'll add that any fruit trees (apple , pear etc) are really nice and easy to carve especially when green ...
  2. Leshy

    Bushcraft Norway -Tips Needed-

    This is a fantastic idea and from personal experience I can tell you will fall in love with the place . Norway has some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. As someone said here , be careful of averaged temperature forecasts... This year they've had one of the best/warmest spring...
  3. Leshy

    Another woodspirit

    I still think your grumpy old wood spirits are the most beautiful and thought provoking wood spirits I've ever seen Steve , they really are magik. I'm glad to see you're still at it after all these years . Awesomeness
  4. Leshy

    Our Log Home

    Lovely set up there! Beautiful cabin and surroundings. Very cool that not only are you off grid but also intend to have forest school and teach sustainability to like-minded people. Having bees as well is just the icing on the cake . But the coolest thing about it all is that through...
  5. Leshy

    Going Lighter....

    To be honest , chances are that ,if you bump into anyone in the same sort of environment , maybe the woods , the mountain or whatever , you have something in common with them. Regardless of what they are wearing. Quite possibly , what you have in common is a deep respect , love and admiration...
  6. Leshy

    The 'I've found a bargain' thread

    Lots of camping gear at Lidl's. Lanterns , nesting pots , tarps , sleeping bags , folding saws and the likes ... All at Lidl prices
  7. Leshy

    Sycamore or horse chestnut wood?

    Sycamore doesn't splinter apparently. Hence why in the olden days, it was used for baby toys , bobbins, rattles and the likes I'm pretty sure horse chestnut does . Hope it helps
  8. Leshy


    I'm just going to leave this here... British company, defines and distinguishes between filtration and purification systems. On their purification system: Reduction of chemicals , VOCs and heavy metal contamination as well as elimination of the usual...
  9. Leshy

    Make someone happy.....

    Brilliant. I'll try that . And I'll try those little owls as well again , as practice makes perfect. Cheers
  10. Leshy

    North Wood Bluebell Meet 27~29 April 2018... Pictures

    Looks nice there , great to see the bluebells out in force again...
  11. Leshy

    Day Out West Highland Way: Highland Fling

    Beautiful scenery there mate, especially that place where you say someone got picked up after a fall ... What a spectacular view. Thanks for sharing and well done [emoji106][emoji106]
  12. Leshy

    damascus axes

    Interesting read , thanks for sharing ! I bet there are still a few of those buried up and down the country , if the main strategy was to throw them at first charge. And imagine being at the receiving end of that !!! [emoji43][emoji33][emoji88] With just a wooden shield and a sword to protect...
  13. Leshy

    Sold Trent Knife & Tool (TKT) 'Allen' 4" Field Knife

    Nice work on the furniture too bud. Clean lines all around . Top notch
  14. Leshy

    Sold Trent Knife & Tool (TKT) 'Allen' 4" Field Knife

    That is nice. Very original. [emoji106]
  15. Leshy


    Lol Brilliant movie , up there in my top 3 of all times
  16. Leshy

    1st(ish) Homebrew knife

    I like it . It's a small brute. I would be very happy with that as a second attempt. Good job
  17. Leshy


    Yeah, it is a thing, it's been going for a few years and although I haven't been , I've been told it's a brilliant event . Good for food too, though you can't find a straight knife for miles [emoji16] . And yes JoJo is Robin's daughter. She's a great carver too .
  18. Leshy

    Insomniacs unite....

    That's a neat little trick ! Not that I need it, I'm usually asleep as soon as the head hits the pillow ... But I did suffer from insomnia when younger and I remember it being a real pain. This is very clever and useful should it ever come back . Cheers
  19. Leshy

    Can anyone identify this animal sound please

    I've just searched the muntjac sounds , and I can only find a bark , which doesn't match however the fox sound is close ...
  20. Leshy

    Can anyone identify this animal sound please

    I thought it was a bird , but I've never heard an owl like that ... Weird thing is the purring between screeches... Weird