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  1. umbracanis

    Want to ID a knife

    The Buckmaster is one I believe.
  2. umbracanis

    Want to ID a knife

    I remember this one but not the one you describe.
  3. umbracanis

    Go Ruck Boots - any opinions

    In general I am a fan of Goruck and use a GR1 as my work bag. However I feel the boots are a bit of a let down. PRO's Comfortable, easy to break in, lightweight. CON's They not very hardwaring, the sole construction is a bit wierd, there is a thin layer on the bottom that lifted just through...
  4. umbracanis

    Sold Leatherman Surge and Victorinox SWISSTOOL

    Is the Swisstool still available?
  5. umbracanis

    WANTED a fountain pen

    Are the cartridges the standard international cartridges, any preference on nib size?
  6. umbracanis

    Hunting catapults, Work sharp - tool sharpener + various for Trade!

    Is the 7.Custom camp knife/chopper still available from your other thread?
  7. umbracanis

    Bits to trade

    I have a magnite solitaire (non led) I would trade for enough leather to make a sheath for a three inch fixed blade knife.
  8. umbracanis

    Nepali Kukhri

    The Camelbak MULE is the same as the one in the picture and I have the bladder. The Neck Knife is a Mark Hill PNK2 (Pocket/Neck Knife) Picture is below
  9. umbracanis

    Nepali Kukhri

    Hi any interest in a trade for a Camelbak MULE An Emberlit Camp Stove in Stainless Steel or a Bushcraft knife or a Neck Knife. What weight is the Kukhri without the scabbard and the extra knives?
  10. umbracanis

    Sold Modified Cold Steel Trail Hawk

    Looks great how did you get the finish on the head? Did you shorten the shaft? Love seeing the trail hawk mods.
  11. umbracanis

    Massive gear clearout Knives, clothing REDUCTIONS

    I will take the Delica if you still have it.
  12. umbracanis

    Opinel No 9 with lanyard hole and nail nick.

    I still have the Svord if you are interested.
  13. umbracanis

    Opinel No 9 with lanyard hole and nail nick.

    Any interest in a Svord Peasant in blue, used but not abused
  14. umbracanis

    Maxpedition bottle pouch wanted

    I have a no name equivalent you can have for the price of postage as I don't use it.
  15. umbracanis

    New knife model

    Looks really great.
  16. umbracanis

    EKA nordic for Crkt m16 13

    I have a CRKT M16-10Z if you are interested. Which EKA Nordic is it H8, A10 etc.
  17. umbracanis

    Stupid alert: Spyderco Bug lost to an airport security waste bin

    Same thing happened to me last time I flew, lost a Bear Grylls, Compact Scount from my keyring, which isn't as bad a knifes as it sounds.
  18. umbracanis

    top result at the dump!

    Outstanding find, ours will sell stuff at the recycling centre.
  19. umbracanis

    Compact wood chopper - MLL Knives

    Looks great looking forward to the knife you posted to me arriving.