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  1. stu1979uk

    Insulated Trousers

    So I was out the other night in the hammock, and to be fair I haven't had a lot of time in the hammock, but I cannot get used to being restricted in a sleeping bag in the hammock. The obvious solution would be to get an under quilt. But I was thinking about getting a pair of down/synthetic...
  2. stu1979uk

    Skills to learn or improve

    I was thinking about what skills someone should learn to be a bushcrafter. If you were to teach someone some skills or improve your own skills what would they be? This is a list of things I could think of, while probably not inclusive I think a fairly decent skill set. I will probably work...
  3. stu1979uk

    A perfect afternoon

    A combo of two of my favourite ways to spend a day Pond life perspective Also came across this tree Never seen this amount of horse hoof on the one tree
  4. stu1979uk

    Widepac bladder

    Hi guys, Has anyone got any experience with these hydration bladders? I'm currently using a Trekmates one but the plastic taste of it is rank and these apparently taste free. I have tried cleaning with all sorts of recommended concoctions but...
  5. stu1979uk

    Some pics from the hills 2

    Some pictures from the second part of my hillwalking. The next Munro on the list was Ben Vorlich near Loch Lomond, not to be confused with Ben Vorlich at Loch Earn which is on the list for this year also,as long as my knees last out. 18th June The road on the way up wetting the appetite with...
  6. stu1979uk

    Some pics from the hills

    The last few months I have been getting out on the hills, no overnight camps so far due to circumstances. Managed to grab 2 hills and 5 munros so far in between working away for a fair bit so happy with that. Not very Bushcrafty but as long as I can get out fishing, hiking, cycling or camping it...
  7. stu1979uk

    Tapa talk test post

    Testing out tapa talk
  8. stu1979uk

    Goretex army type jacket?

    Hi I have a British army goretex DPM water proof jacket. I like the tough durability of the material for passing through woods and pine trees etc but I would prefer something in plain green/brown/black. So my question is does anyone know where I could purchase a jacket of the same robust...
  9. stu1979uk

    Swiss army trangia fuel botles

    Hi, Does anyone know where I could get the Swiss army type trangia fuel bottles from? Thanks, Stuart
  10. stu1979uk

    My Kit

    Love them or loathe them here is my kit list (I love them coz I'm nosey and want to see what people have in their bags :)) Lowe Alpine Strike rucksack which I think is 45 ltr + 20 ltr with the two side pouches attached. Not the lightest weighs around 1.8kg but solid and does the job nicely. I...
  11. stu1979uk

    Anyone tried Silvasan soap?

    Has anyone tried this soap? Seen it ages ago and decided to order some and give it a bash. Now called Silvatec for some reason
  12. stu1979uk

    Ultimate bushcraft tent?

    Ok not at all bushcrafty but brings a new meaning to the phrase glamping. Could you imaging coming across it at night it would look like a space ship :welcome1:
  13. stu1979uk

    Rob Roy's cave Loch Lomond

    Few weeks back I went in search of my third Rob Roy's cave. This turned out to be the easiest to find due to it being on the West Highland Way and having a sign post showing the way. On the way there I took a detour up into the hills and found a nice wee sheltered area that would make an...
  14. stu1979uk

    Aboriginal Britain location?

    Just watched a bit of Ray Mears Aboriginal Britain on Eden just now and was wondering where about in Scotland he was eating his sea food starter while waiting on his deer leg cooking. Anyone any idea on the location?
  15. stu1979uk

    Suggestions on a lightweight cook set?

    Hi, Thinking of a new lightweight solo cookset, as anyone any experience with any of these stove? Esbit Hard Anodized Aluminium 985ml Cook set...
  16. stu1979uk

    Balquidder cave and Loch Earnhead wonder

    Two days off work and the sun is shinning, that does'nt happen very often. So decided to make the most of it and try and find another one of the Rob Roy caves. The one I was after is in Balquidder as I had previously found the one at Loch Ard a few years back A good marker point to note at...
  17. stu1979uk

    What to do?

    I might have a week off in February if the work approves it so what could I get up to? Want to climb a few Munroe's this year Ben Lomond the only one done so far but I think it might be a bit snowy for a novice at this time of year and same reason for ditching a motor bike/camp trip I failed to...
  18. stu1979uk

    some pics

    Some pictures from a wonder about the Trossachs today. All the pictures were taken on my Galaxy S2 phone on days like this I wish I had a good DSLR camera. A misty start to the day But when it cleared- sunny Scotland in October this is where I wish I had a DSLR...
  19. stu1979uk

    Scotland bike trip

    I have been wanting to do this for a while but never seem to have got round to it so I'm going to try it this year before the winter kicks in. My plan is to travel on my mc (CBR 600 old faithful) up the west coast of Scotland across the north coast and then back down the east cut into Inverness...
  20. stu1979uk

    Lets see your garden hammock set up

    Hi I wanted to have a set up in my garden to hang from my hammock and enjoy the sun (twice a year here in Scotland) and also to help fine tune my set up. I also want to be able to set my tarp up as well. I tried a wooden frame set up I found on here somewhere but found it to big and bulky...