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  1. massa

    Maintaining carbon steel knife

    Hi guys, A Question! what’s the better stuff I can use to keep the rust in bay on carbon steel blades? I got carbon steel blade machete I used it to clear the garden, I did clean it and dry it out after used but now showing some signs of rust? Any advice ? Cheers
  2. massa

    ? Mushroom

    Hi all This morning in one of the tree in my back garden, I found this Mushroom growing on one of the tree trunk? I have NO knowledge what so ever with wild Mushrooms picking ? I know there are some of them are deadly poison! But how about this please in the photo! Any idea is it safe to eat ...
  3. massa

    What life style do you wish to live?

    My wish is to live a life like Alaskan Bush people! leaving all the civilisation behind, (my home, my gadgets , all city life style, my work, .... leave everything behind - give it all away!) and live like primitive people - growing my own vag, having my own animals, forage from the wood...
  4. massa


    Hi folks , I have used Ka-bar machete for years , they are good and feel good in my hand, I got mind from my father in law an old Ka-bar machete, it serve me well, but now show’s signs of wear and tear, and years of sharpening eating almost all the blade, .... I have looked in the internet ...
  5. massa

    Fire Starter

    Hi all, when I am camping, my camping fire always come from me Magnesium Flint Steel Striker Fire Starter, last time I tried to make camping fire by the traditional way using the wood bow and wood fireboard ( fraction) but I fail, my hand get tired , I got smoke but no flames? I want to know...
  6. massa

    New to the forum

    Hi All, I am new to the forum, I am hoping to meet good people and make friends and learn more and share experience in campaign, hiking and bushcraft.... I love camping I do it whenever I have holiday .... :) it was a bit slow these days because of Covid but I am hoping the coming days are...