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  1. mimo

    Sold Knives Clearout - all gone thank you

    Have a big bill to pay so have to re-set again. No trades please. UK post, fees etc. included as per rules. Happy to cost international post. Reasonable offers entertained, especially for bundles. Fallkniven: - SK3 "Juni", top of the line 3G san mai and curly birch. Long discontinued. Would...
  2. mimo

    Wanted Economical Loden Jacket or Smock?

    Looking for something like the Boreal Mountain Anorak or Petromax Waldmack etc, all wool... but for cheap-arses. Size Large-ish (44 chest, fat knacker not gym bunny...)
  3. mimo

    Sold Last Knives for Sale!

    Everything IS SOLD! Many thanks to everyone who bought all the others, good deals for you I hope, and solved a problem for me. My one knife collection, for now... before and after!