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    Thanks to the unsung heros

    Very nicely put Lodian
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    Quick overnighter.

    Looks nice- thanks for the shareLodian
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    finally ...

    Good luck with that- doing stuff like this is a real way of sharing your skills, let us know how you get on.
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    Anyone FOREX???

    I do that and futures if you want to chat email me at
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    Solo camping

    Wow its been so long since ive been camping at all- solo camping is much more relaxing but it depends what your after really if you want a good laugh and some banter then definatly with friends. Just for some time out take the dog so you don't feel as lonely if you don't like being on your lonesome.
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    possible meet

    Hows this getting on? Regards Ryan
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    Whoes near me?

    Just curious anyone near lossiemouth or up this end. If so Hi and whats about here forest wise? Regards Lodian
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    Where others have been

    I used to use lenabo quite a lot but i only get home on a weekend basis. Im up at lossiemouth now so will start looking at nearby areas soon.
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    What to do?

    Forgot about this post completly. Its been two years since then , ive been out on many occasions to those woods with different people. And tried to clear up as much as i could from that bad experience. I've found myself clearing up other campsites aswell. Ive been busy with my new...
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    Recent night of wild camping - pic heavy

    Yeh to true however im supposed to be going out tomorrow as sort of a last camp before i start in the RAF. And the fact that the dog doesnt want to go out its that windy and rainy tells you something. Lodian
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    Bushcraft as a job??!!!

    I don't really thing there is such a practise as self taught. I mean self taught would be if you go out without knowing anything and just kept trying different practises. You can agin expereince by trying different things but for example using a knife or lighting a fire chance are someone told...
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    Ray Mears in Aberdeen

    Glad to here it was good, what did he talk about/main focus ? And did he mention future work, anything intresting? Lodian P.S Yeh i know i should of went :)
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    Panda Internet Security

    have alreadybought mcafee so that ones a bit late....... will let it run its course then switch to avg.
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    Panda Internet Security

    I did sort of suggest that had it been an item of clothing would i have the samre problem and that iw as simply returining an item that A I was not happy with and B it was no compatible with my pc. To which she replied: "The Problem is that for all they know i could have copied all the...
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    Panda Internet Security

    Ok i have a full protection suite that i bought today I went and bought Panda internet security 2009 for £34.99. Took it home and it would not work for my PC so took it back to the shop it worked on her one but said she can't exchange it or give me my money back as I had opened it and might...
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    Ray Mears in Aberdeen

    Ive got a copy of one of bears books im sure Ray wouldnt mind signing it :) Lodian
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    DD Hamock woes

    Im about 5'8 and coming up 13 stone and the first time i set my hammock i was lowered straigh to the ground in about 8 minutes. Worried i started going through the knots and found out why- i had tied a slip knot :) Lodian
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    3 Word Game

    ...where he seen...
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    how many of us are first aid trained?

    I am have done it through cadets , handy to have. Looks good on a cv. Would like to do one of the wilderness courses though. Lodian
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    .177 or .22?

    It just depends what work for you get a 12ft/lb and your laughing , providing you can shoot straight. Lodian