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  1. philipb

    into the wild

    I stumbled onto this film and became very intrigued by the story. I guess it is only fascinating because it is a bit of a mystery. but my instinct tells my the reality of the story is much more mundane and much of the romance is just in the imagination of the writer. or am I just a cynic
  2. philipb


    I have never tried a hammock. I don't want to spend loads to try one only to find it is just not for me. I sleep on my front normally so I have my doubts if it will work for me. what is a low cost way to try one out
  3. philipb

    dd tarp and spiked poles?

    I have a number of poles of the type that have a spike on the end. is there a good way to make them work with a DD tarp as it does not have grommets in it
  4. philipb

    zebra billy can/lunchbox insert

    Do you use yours? if so what for or does the insert normally get left at home
  5. philipb

    Family camping

    As a gentle introduction to outdoor living I am looking for a tent for me and my young son to go camping in. this will be car camping on so I can afford a bit more comfort. so I am looking for a tent that can sleep 2 comfortably. I need to be able to set it up single handed and preferably it...
  6. philipb

    coke can meths burners?

    there are a few different designs out there. are any of them actually any good or should I just buy a brass meths burner
  7. philipb

    hammock/tent hybryd

    Has anyone tried one. I have seen a few designs that can be slung as a hammock or pegged to the floor like a tent. I quite like the flexibility of the idea. does it really produce the ultimate in a flexible sleeping system or does it produce an item with too many compromises to be very good at...
  8. philipb


    most of my outdoor activities have been conducted without fires except maybe a small stove fire for cooking. I come from an army background and on military exercises fires aren't use after dark and even in daylight hours a small hexamine fire for cooking is your lot. My own trips have either...
  9. philipb

    reccomendations for a tent light please

    I have had quite a few over the years but all have been very cheap I now need a new one and before I buy another cheep led thing are there any suggestions for something that works really well
  10. philipb

    poncho liner or wool blanket

    I have an army style camp bed it is comfortable but in cold weather you seem to feel the cold more. I am looking for some type of insulation layer I could put on it to try and stop the cold air coming up through it. I thought a poncho liner or wool blanket might do the trick. Which would be...
  11. philipb

    What does Bushcraft mean to you?

    well bushcraft is a word that seems to cover many things and I guess I am still trying to work out what it means to me and in what direction I will take things. But for most are the skills and knowledge gained just a hobby enjoyed in their spare time. Is bushcraft akin to any other hobby like...
  12. philipb

    BRS Super Light Outdoor Camping Folding Bed 6d:g:npsAAOSw7hRWOxHe this looks interesting has anyone tried one?
  13. philipb

    reccomend me a sewing machine

    I have being toying with the idea of getting a sewing machine. I would start with repairs and alterations and hope to progress to making some bespoke kit for myself. but I have know idea of what to look for in a machine or even where to start. It will need to be heavy-duty enough for cordura...
  14. philipb

    tarp poles?

    I often find myself on the hills as opposed to woodland so I need some form of pole to create a tarp selter I often see walking poles used for this but are there any other options. I was thinking something like this...
  15. philipb

    camp sites that allow open fires in pembrokshire

    can anyone recommend any camp sites that allow open fires in or near to Pembrokeshire I am planning to take a tent and my young son camping. I would love to find a site that wont mind some bushcraft type activates like open fire cooking. It does not need to have a lot in the way of facilities...
  16. philipb

    first folding saw?

    sorry if this has been asked before but I could not see any recent threads Im looking for something not too expensive but still good enough that I wont break it or get frustrated with it what are my best options?
  17. philipb

    Kit markers

    I have used a few GTLS firefly kit markers in the past. they can be a great help locating a torch when you awake in the darkness and were a fantastic help on Army exercises were using a torch was not an option but I thought a small LED may have a long life running of a battery and may be a...
  18. philipb

    the adjustable knot? ray shows us how he uses the adjustable but from the video I just cant see how to tie it correctly can someone help me out
  19. philipb

    Gerber Ridge Folding Knife 2"

    I have one of these and it has proved very useful for small jobs but it has become very blunt. with no skill and not much more in the way of sharpening tools how can I get a sharp edge again or should I just replace it. If so what should I replace it with
  20. philipb

    Sunroad FR500 Multifunction LCD Digital Altimeter Barometer Compass Thermometer

    I just got on of these and it does seem to have a lot of functions but can anyone tell me how to reset the max/min temperature recordings. Because it is driving me nuts