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    Manhunter , The Art of Tracking is finally out. In Hardback

    Well, its finally out. Available as Kindle version as well. Toughest thing I have ever done!
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    Manhunter. The Art of Detection Through Tracking

    The above book will be released to shops for sale on 20th November 2015.
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    Tracking James May across Dartmoor BBC2

    Watch out for some mantracking sequences on James May, Manlab Series2, where James and his buddy Oz escape from Dartmoor Prison, and are pursued by a team of Shadowhawk Trackers. The series is a light hearted look at some of the skills lost by men. There should be some "interesting" tracking...
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    I have just returned from running a tracking course in Portugal. Congratulations to all who attended. The standard of bushcraft was impressive and a tribute to those who trained them(or to those who are self taught). It is always easier to teach tracking when the foundation of bushcraft is in...
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    Yes, thank you Ed :shock: :oops: Sorry about that gentlemen, we have been slightly busy over the last couple of weeks but everything is now signed, sealed and hands have been shaken. So we are back :!: And the answer that we have all been waithing for is...