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  1. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    Elwell no6 axe head restoration

    I've been given a rusted old axe head. There was a small bit of handle left but it was damaged by wood worm. Soaking in vinegar currently and getting a wire wool.scrub every few days. Got some abrasive discs on the way for my grinder to help with the worst bits. I have never done anything...
  2. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    'Wild Elements' in north wales

    Hi, anybody know anything about the group WILD ELEMENTS based in North Wales? I've found their WordPress and Facebook but wondered if you guys knew anything. Thanks
  3. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    advice on log sawing

    Hi, I've just 'inherited' a couple of birch logs- 8 to 10 inches across and 3 foot long. I want to carve some bowls and a kuksa....never done it before. What I need is advice on cutting these beasts down to size. This feels like a dumb question but do I need a bowsaw or can I just use my old...
  4. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    Plas Newydd 'Anglesey Woodland Fesival' 29/30th Sept 2012

    Any BCUK-ers at this Woodland Festival this weekend? Lots of local-ish food and crafts as well assome primitive skills stalls and demos (green woodwork, smithing and leatherwork). It was mainly middle class families in wellies attending by the looks of it. We had a nice time until my 3 year...
  5. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    Online store '' legit or not?

    While searching for a Becker BK9 I came across in the shopping bit of Google. Is this a genuine store with decent service, which has appears from nowhere (like EDCDEPOT?), or is it a con? If nobody knows, then I will do a small order on payday and test the waters. The...
  6. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    Self Inflating mat advice

    I've done searches and not come up with a lot.... I'm on the hunt for a decent self inflating mat for under £40. the reason for the tight budget is that I have to buy 2 of them- one for me and one for the missus. I've looked at the Alpkit Wideboy and Dirtbag, but they are persistently out of...
  7. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    Want to swap Maxpedition Mongo for Sitka or Kodiak

    I have a Maxpedition Mongo S-Type (Left Side Carry)in really good condition that I would like to exchange for a Maxpedition Sitka, Kodiak or possibly a Condor 2......I would also consider a 5.11 Rush 24 or 72. The Mongo has really only been used as a nappy bag and in urban environments. It's...
  8. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    Used shogun advice please

    I've seen a well used j reg LWB Shogun 2.5 diesel Automatic for sale at a dealer. 160k on the clock. Really well used and a couple of dings in the bodywork. Also the passenger side window is a bit reluctant to wind up! Theses some corrosion obviously but it seems to have been looked after. It...
  9. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    'Food For Free' - Richard Mabey

    I found this in 'The Works' for £3.99 NEW. Nearly £7 on Amazon. Not affiliated etc etc. Just thought it's a bit of a bargain for anyone who hasnt already got it.
  10. ProjeKtWEREWOLF 20% discount

    I bought a pair of magnum stealth boots out of desperation from blacks online. But that's irrelevant. The good bit was 1. £30 off the rrp 2.20% discount code I paid £47 including express DHL delivery for £70+ boots. I don't know if posting this is against the regs but here goes: For...
  11. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    hammock for a fat bloke......

    What is the strongest hammock available and where can I find one????? I'm a big fella and don't want a catastrophic failure in the middle of the night. I'm tired of sleeping on the ground. Am I just worrying for nothing? I assume it's 550 Paracord or stronger for rigging eh?
  12. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    Hi from North Wales!

    My name is Hywel and I currently live in Bangor north Wales. I don't get out as much as I used to as I have a new family going on. And I'm really unfit now. Scaling Tryfan would probably kill me now. I'm interested in disaster/emergency survival more than anything at the moment but used to like...