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  1. jimbo75

    Swedish army trangia's for swap

    Hi guys/Girls, I'm looking for an Optimus Crux Lite burner (has to be the Lite version). I have 2 swedish army trangia kits to swap (1 steel, 1 aluminum). Also other goodies! inc. Polish poncho shelter
  2. jimbo75

    War & Peace show (Northwood regulars invite)

    Hi guys, I going to head down to the 'War and Peace Revival' show on the Friday 26th. I thought I would be polite and ask if any of you fancy coming along? I can provide a lift, leaving around 6am. Just chip in what you can for petrol... Meet at my workplace which has secure parking. Bring...
  3. jimbo75

    War and peace revival show

    hi all, Thoroughly recommend this show. Great to pick up interesting military kit. And a cracking day out!
  4. jimbo75

    Clematis hearth board/timber

    hi guys, would anyone happen to have some clematis knocking about they would be willing to part with? Am desperate for some as an alternative to the rubbish I’m trying to use for hand drill! I can offer swaps and stuff... plus a huge hug and kiss if the wood allows me success in the hand drill! :)
  5. jimbo75

    A View from the Tarp thread?

    Can I start the ball rolling?
  6. jimbo75

    Customised Finnish gas mask bag

    As well as being a bushcrafter, I’m also interested in military history. I think the winter war and continuation war hold lots of interesting facts for living off the land and outdoors skills. I hope you like this... I might look at doing commissions? Finnish army gas mask bag.
  7. jimbo75

    Birch bud schnapps

    Also known as silmuviina I believe. I have decanted my first batch from a couple of weeks ago. I can genuinely say, it really is rather nice! I'm lucky enough to have a mature birch tree in our garden, so I will probably make this every year or so. Here's link for the recipe...
  8. jimbo75

    Current issue mess kits (lack of info?)

    Greetings everyone, I'm currently putting together a new mess kit/cooking stove set up. Whilst researching the components I will need to replicate the current issue Swedish soldier stove 09 (awesome project by the way)... I couldn't help but notice the almost total lack of information on...
  9. jimbo75

    mora clipper Kydex sheath

    anyone got one they are looking to move on? can do swaps.
  10. jimbo75

    Any Finnish speakers ?

    Is this translation ok?
  11. jimbo75

    Looking for a Lukkha pattern

    Hi all... I'm looking for a pattern to make a Lukkha. I know Twodogs used to make them, however I understand he is no longer making. I'm pretty sure I have enough material. And there is no way on earth I would consider a fjallraven one! Does anyone have a link or can you help? Jimbo75..
  12. jimbo75

    Where's the north wood regulars sub forum gone?

    I can't find the bugger anywhere? :frown:
  13. jimbo75

    Has the bubble burst?

    Just pondering the current state of UK Bushcraft. Would anyone else agree that the hype seems to be dying off a bit nowadays? Personally, I don't think its a bad thing. It might deter some of the more stupid people in society becoming interested in Bushcraft and giving us a bad name...
  14. jimbo75

    Birch oil fail

    tried to distill some birch oil today on my garden chiminea. I think I either cooked it too long. Or let too much gas escape, by putting to many holes in the lid. Or it was because I used predominantly paper birch bark. I ended up with a trace amount of sticky residue. And all the birch bark was...
  15. jimbo75

    Dartmoor camp and explore

    Finally got round to doing a camp this year. So went to visits my brother in Bovey. We camped out in yarner wood (legal part). Then did a tour the following day. Ache like mad because I’m out of practice, but really enjoyed it. Trying to work out how to post pics
  16. jimbo75

    thermorest Neo air

    Hi guys, Has anyone had problems with the thermorest neo air x lite? I am thinking of getting one, but worry about puncturing whilst out and about. Also leaking valve is a worry. thanks
  17. jimbo75

    Finnish or Swedish wool jacket swap for swanndri

    Hi there, I'm looking for a medium to large Finnish or Swedish wool jacket (old school type). I have a nearly new swanndri ranger in navy blue large to swap.
  18. jimbo75

    ikea bargain blankets these are great and only 3 quid! light as a feather, I use mine all the time.
  19. jimbo75

    Bushcraft and survival skills magazine

    1. Is it still being published? 2. Is it still awful? Jimbo.