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  1. tjwuk

    modular tarp info?

    Anyone got any history on these, I have three in all. I can see they are modular, fix together etc but where do they come from? Any history, info and if you think they are worth keeping?
  2. tjwuk

    Air Arms S400 pre charged .22 Air Rifle

    SOLD I have owned this from new in 2002 and now only selling due to upcoming travel commitments. I would estimate it has only ever shot about 2000 pellets if that. Very well looked after, wiped down after use but it has been used and so has a few minor scrapes on the filling cap and...
  3. tjwuk

    Pelicase 1750 Wanted

    As title. Will take any colour, any condition as long as it not bust.
  4. tjwuk

    House Move Clearout 2

    Gerber Exchange-A-Blade Sports Saw - Pruning Saw Very little use. No use on the bone saw. SOLD [/FONT][/B] ---------------------------------------------- Sigma 400mm 5.6 auto-focus lens, Nikon mount. Multi coated, made in Japan Lens in excellent overall condition...
  5. tjwuk

    Scandanavian visit

    Just had a visit from a complete stranger to our garden. I think its a Fieldfare from Scandanavia, but if we have any bird experts to correct please!
  6. tjwuk

    100g Goose down wanted

    Hi all, I am after about 100g of goose down. I already have some from my xmas dinner:christmas1: birds but would like to try my hand at adding to that and making a hammock underblanket. Also if available any material, pertex etc that wil do as the cover. 2x 2.25m x 1.7m. Thanks all in advance...
  7. tjwuk

    Icy Cornwall

    Some snapshots taken out in a local wood in Cornwall today. Not many people about today, first time I have seen this kind of ice in Cornwall. Also guesses on what the tracks are although covered by fine snow. I know what they are as there are loads of them about here. Click the pics for...
  8. tjwuk

    Missing dd hammock site

    Whats happened to dd hammocks site, its not there?
  9. tjwuk

    Low slung hammock!

    Got my new toy today, a Tenth Wonder XL hammock. Not really ideal a few inches off the ground, but I just had to test it. All seemed well until the fix at the other end started to creek, nothing else to tie it too.:o I got this one about £15 posted off ebay, just to see what its like to sleep...
  10. tjwuk

    Rest easy in your bed

    Hi all, Thought I would highlight this new kitchen knife, its certainly a must have and maybe even gives new ideas for anyone designing a new bushcraft knife. Lets hope its not too sharp and we will hopefully all stay safe supping our soup. (thats all we will eat soon as cutting meat is going...
  11. tjwuk

    Icelandic Nescafe

    Don't know about everyone else, but when your out and about but its nice to have a coffee or tea on the trail. Carrying all the extras like sugar and milk can be a bind, especially if you need to go in a hurry, or carry other stuff. The tea kits from the MOD ration packs are OK, but I noticed...
  12. tjwuk

    Khyam endura rucksack

    KHYAM ENDURA RUCKSACK SOLD. Green and black waterproof/resistant material. I think its about 30 litres in size. Never used still with tags. Large main compartment, with three smaller front compartments. One with card and individual pockets. Side compression...
  13. tjwuk

    Looking after yourself?

    About a week ago I did my usual jaunt into my favourite spot in the woods, put up the tarp, got the woodgas burner on the go did a bit of videoing etc. All was going smoothly, surprised that it only rained a bit, then I noticed 3 fella’s trying to creep around the tree line towards me! I...
  14. tjwuk

    Clearance cont' Gaiters and pouch.

    BOTH NOW SOLD Here are a couple of items I missed out from the non bushcrafty stuff Waxed cotton, (I believe!) army gaiters. Size: standard, Never worn. £3 posted ========================================= Military canvas bag. Ideal size for water bottle...
  15. tjwuk

    House Move Clearout

    SOLD Weihrauch HW35, .22 cal with Barnett 4x32 scope and mounts This rifle pushes out about 10.5 ft/lbs, quite capable of pest control within 25yds. Some marks on barrel but no rust. Overall good condition for year, 75’-80’s Price dropped SOLD (will be...
  16. tjwuk

    Fulton angle torch

    Used but not abused. Fully working Fulton, USA 90º angle torch. With belt pouch and two filters, one red, one green. The are a little scratched but may polish out! As used by the US fire service, so I believe! Batteries not supplied. £10 posted
  17. tjwuk

    4x Maglites

    Well cared for, light use only so very good condition and fully working. The large one is a four D-cell light, then 2 AA, next is 2 AAA's and the small is a one AAA. Won't come with batteries, as the one fitted aren't much good. £36 Now £28 inc.recorded postage to UK
  18. tjwuk

    100 ltr Long back bergens

    2 x Bergens For Sale: Average condition but still lots of wear in them. 1: 100 Litre, Long back, PLCE Bergen. Used, no holes found in material but has a few stains, but not bad. All buckles and zips seem to work. No side pockets. THIS ONE IS SOLD...
  19. tjwuk

    Bushcooker stove. My gripe!

    Has anyone else had problems with the Bushcooker woodburner stove? I bought mine from Backpackinglight in Jan this year ('09), and up till now ahve been more than satisfied with it. I have used it about 20-30 times, and recently found the inner re-burner hole were starting to split which would...
  20. tjwuk

    Jackets clearout. Image intensive!

    All come from a good smoke free home. German Flectarn hooded coat, with inner separate thermal jacket. Lots of pockets and all working, no tares. Size: 185-195/115, updated! Equates approx to XL, 44-48 chest Price: £24 in postage, NOW £19 for both...