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  1. Damascus

    What did you buy today?

    Very interested in what you think as I’ve had my eye on one for a while
  2. Damascus

    What combat boots do the UK Military wear?

    I’ve had a pair of Amy’s now for a year, comfy from the box and still waterproof, in the winter though there is no warmth to them at all, overall good boots that are unfortunately ugly! Ha ha
  3. Damascus

    What combat boots do the UK Military wear?

    Aku are the current military boot!
  4. Damascus


    I know it may sound a bit off the wall, try the kukuri house a buy the real thing, you can’t beat them!
  5. Damascus

    New member

    Hello n welcome
  6. Damascus

    New member

    Welcome and tight lines!
  7. Damascus


    Face book, detest with a passion!
  8. Damascus

    Twelve years on the forum

    That’s got me thinking, been here a few years myself, great pictures
  9. Damascus

    Down in the Mekong Valley today…..

    That song brought back shivers and flashbacks, when I was ’nam, Birmingham. “Ok, I’ll get my coat“ ha ha!
  10. Damascus

    Returning member

    Hi and welcome
  11. Damascus

    Hedge Monkey here. I have just joined ....

    We’ll be gentle, welcome!
  12. Damascus

    For Sale Helikon Bushcraft Haversack

    I have one, nice bag, but what colour is it, may help the sale?
  13. Damascus

    New blood

    how’s life in France, considering?
  14. Damascus

    New blood

    Its nice to see new blood returning on the forum, over the past few years a lot of names have disappeared and off to pastures new (face book, for example). May things return to the early “teens” and a lot more activity with meet ups, many have just drifted away, lock down hasn’t helped or has it?
  15. Damascus

    Hello from Norfolk

    Sweet little dogs, originally bred to track deer, I trained my spaniel to track deer but mad as a box of frogs though, ha!
  16. Damascus

    Hello from Norfolk

    Hi, welcome from Norfolk highlands in Wymondham. My springer spaniel is now in retirement, what dogs do you run?
  17. Damascus

    New member.

    Enjoy n welcome
  18. Damascus

    What did you buy today?

    Helikon poncho, for my day sack.
  19. Damascus

    Hi from a long time lurker

    Hello n welcome