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  1. The Big Lebowski

    Bark River- Bravo 1 CPM 3V

    Thanks mate, looking forwards to that brew. Been a while! (I have a return gift, but its sadly not above :) )
  2. The Big Lebowski

    Bark River- Bravo 1 CPM 3V

    Deal :p Aaaand back to the real world.
  3. The Big Lebowski

    Bark River- Bravo 1 CPM 3V

    Thanks guy's. Dave, I buy 'em, not collect them ;)
  4. The Big Lebowski

    Bark River- Bravo 1 CPM 3V

    SOLD, Thanks! I bought this fairly recently and to be honest, its seen very little use due to work commitments. When I do get out, its foraging these days! Bravo 1 in crucible metals CPM 3V. This was custom made for me by Mike Stewart (owner of barky) to my specifications. The jimping on the...
  5. The Big Lebowski

    Plums! Any good recipes?

    Plumb (I used damsons) apple and wild fennel seed jam. Plumb brandy (I used greegage on this one) with Molasses. Needs a year, or so.
  6. The Big Lebowski

    Avatar shenanigans!

    I have a feeling that may smash the gift it on thread for postings! Little pinch of rohypnol in the pickled walnuts next year then :naughty:
  7. The Big Lebowski

    Avatar shenanigans!

    I'm not sure who changed it, but I just spat coffee all over my keyboard!:lmao:
  8. The Big Lebowski

    Happy Birthday Johnnyboy1971

    Have a good 'un pal :)
  9. The Big Lebowski

    Good WILL hunting

    Yep, he's now on my FB tribe page ;)
  10. The Big Lebowski

    Frazers Coastal Walk - The cast.

    Another year and another great group :) Its incredibly rewarding to watch people take such interest in foraging, answer questions and also learn along the way. I hope Frazers presentation inspired you to get out and explore your natural surroundings. Coastal safety - Notification boards and...
  11. The Big Lebowski

    Dutch Oven workshop?

    I personally would love to learn about the maintenance side of things too. Never seemed to have much luck with the seasoning aspect. Cheers, al.
  12. The Big Lebowski

    Article: Foraging for the beginner, Pt 2…

    For some strange reason, I feel the Botanists may have the upper hand. A debate for a campfire and a tot of Port at the Moot (just booking tickets now) and looking forwards to catching up ;)
  13. The Big Lebowski


    Unless you mean the blog ?
  14. The Big Lebowski


    Nothing here bud...
  15. The Big Lebowski

    Oysterleaf - Sea Lungwort - Mertensia maritima

    Thanks for the reply. I had all but given up on this one! y0dsa, no, I ate the leaf as-is. I could see it going down a storm for the restaurants with a foraged sushi style dish. Woodstock, looking forwards to your findings.
  16. The Big Lebowski

    ID please

    Its a decorative cherry. You can also ID the tree's by the horizontal stripes on the bark...
  17. The Big Lebowski

    Family camping North Wales

    Have you thought about packing a spinning rod. Its prime mackerel/bass season if you don't mind a drive to the coast. Catching and then cooking tea with the kids is always a great day out :)
  18. The Big Lebowski

    Bushmoot Loadout

    The drinking waters fine. Cool and clean. Showers good enough, but make it early or late as they can, from time to time loose hot water due to over demand. Its a great site, loads to do (or just kick back) the kids are more than safe to just be kids and there's always someone to lend a helping...
  19. The Big Lebowski

    Potassium Permanganate

    Just be aware that it takes the tiniest amount to color water. I made the mistake of buying 250gms, it should last me around 174 lifetimes. I can also testify to having feet David Dickinson would be proud of.
  20. The Big Lebowski

    Bushmoot Loadout

    Well, there's just the two of us, but this should give you an idea (depending on your transport arrangements) Tent- Two kip mats Two bags (plus spare in car) Led lantern, Batteries Pocket torch Head torch Main Tarp--Admin--Catering Fold up table Cartridge gas stove Chopping board/knife/two...