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    Brilliant bushcraft knife.

    The Condor Hudson Bay knife has a 8.5" Carbon blade 3 1/16 thick and13" long. It's a belter, and does everything I need for a trekking outdoor knife. It will act as a small axe so strong is the blade, it will cut kindling and shave as well as any small knife I own. It can be sharpened to a very...
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    Blanket jackets, I just don't get it?

    Hi all.. Can anyone explain what the idea of making a coat from an old blanket is all about. There is so much decent waterproof warm clothing about, modern gear fits well, doesn't weigh a ton when wet, looks stylish, and doesn't cost a fortune. I just don't understand the trend? Is it all...
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    Buffalo idea?

    Hello all, Looking at this instead of the Ridgeline Elite Smock. What happens does your back not get cold folk? Does anyone buy them bigger and wear more under them. Is it true you can just wear a thin one layer under them and stay warm? Do you have to keep moving to stay warm? Like...
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    Ridgeline elite smock latest model?

    Hi all. Quick question please. The Ridgeline Elite smock is this the latest model out? I'm told the MK2 will be out later in the year, is that right and is it worth buying this years model, as they seem to be a good price currently? Thanks all.
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    Coat suggestions please?

    Hi Guys. I'm an angler/fisherman, looking for a decent coat. Most of my fishing is moving around lure fishing. I like coats with a long back, so if I do sit my waist does not get wet. I detest wax/ hard shell coats, so something soft that does not soak up water. I have a Musto coat £350...