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  1. huntersforge

    Wanted ... small Tabasco sauces

    Hi I am after a couple of the small Tabasco sauces you get in the ration packs. Will exchange for 3 handmade antler keyrings by return of post. Thanks HF
  2. huntersforge

    Planning Dusting off the winter kit

    Weathers getting colder so it’s time to dust off the firebox and the winter kit. Have a few trips planned this year once the snow arrives . First plan is to get back to glentrool area for a few days and then up to glencoe for a week later in the year. Here’s a few pics of previous winter trips...
  3. huntersforge

    9 x 9 military tent info?

    I am looking to source a 9 x 9 military tent, does anyone have any info on the best place to get one and the difference in the varying grades available from military surplus suppliers. Thanks in advance fellas HF
  4. huntersforge

    Antler thumb sticks

    Had some spare Antler kicking about so crafted up some walking sticks. Rubbed down shanks and 3 coats of danish oil.
  5. huntersforge

    Wood wasp

    I was working out in the garden this afternoon and this fella popped in for a visit. First one I’ve seen this year
  6. huntersforge

    Planning Glencoe red squirrel campsite

    Does anyone know if the red squirrel campsite in glencoe is open between xmas and new year. Their website doesn’t seem to be working. Cheers chaps HF
  7. huntersforge

    More frontier stove mods

    With the winter camp season upon us its time to fire up the frontier. I have made a few modifications to increase its versatility and usefulness. Namely taking 4" off the legs to radiate more heat out to the level of my camp seat and cot bed and a mesh grate to allow burning coal at night to...
  8. huntersforge

    Roebuck antlers

    4 of this years roebucks boiled out and ready for mounting in the mancave:)
  9. huntersforge

    Mora 164 crook / spoon knife

    Mora 164 crook / spoon knife As new condition complete with handmade leather cover £13 Paypal fees and postage incl. Over 18s only please Thanks chaps
  10. huntersforge

    Leather pouch. Neck knife & Mini reel

    Following items for sale. All good condition Paypal fees and postage incl in prices Shark designs 1oz leather possibles pouch £20 Mitchell 308x mini reel. I would say about 2/3 the size of a normal reel. Ideal for compact travel kit. Spool filled with 6lb maxima. £15 Condor...
  11. huntersforge

    Galloway forest solo winter trip

    With all the recent mild and wet weather. I was itching to get away, so with the forecast set for snow it was time move. The chosen spot was about 3 miles into the trees past the Black loch in the Galloway forest. I never saw a soul which is great and will definitely use that spot...
  12. huntersforge

    Condor fidelis neck knife

    Looking to swap my condor fidelis neck knife for a Maglite solitaire LED. Must be the LED one as the normal one is pants. Knife is in great condition having had little use and comes with a kydex sheath and paracord lanyard Dont have a picture of the knife but theres plenty on the net. Over...
  13. huntersforge

    gransfors wildlife hatchet

    Here for sale is my gransfors wildlife hatchet and custom mask. In excellent condition having only been used a couple of times. £65 including postage and fees . I would prefer paypal, please express your interest in the post first to save any confusion. Thanks guys:)
  14. huntersforge

    Stuff to trade

    Looking for brass or chrome zippo lighters in trade for the items listed below. I will cover postage at my end if you would be kind enough to do the same. Items are ..... PLCE dpm sidepouch UCO micro lantern Antler bowdrill bearing block Some red deer antler rolls Thanks chaps HF:)
  15. huntersforge

    Glentrool chilly chillout

    With the skies clearing and the temperature dropping I popped down to Glentrool for a bit of post Christmas relaxation. A few things noted were ... Yes it is a LOT warmer sleeping and sitting at the same level as the frontier stove. It is better to put your sleeping socks on before you get in...
  16. huntersforge

    WANTED...Brass button compass

    Hello. I am on the lookout for an MOD brass button compass. Listed below are some trade items on offer. UCO micro lantern Antler bowdrill bearing block DPM sabre sidepouch 2 x rolls of sticky backed firetape Let me know if you are after something in particular in trade Cheers chaps HF:)
  17. huntersforge

    WANTED....Brass zippo

    I am looking for a zippo lighter preferably brass but would compromise. I have plenty of trade items.... Uco micro lantern Antler bowdrill bearing block Green Laplander belt sheath Dpm sabre side pouch Let me know if there is anything in particular you are after and ill have a root about...
  18. huntersforge

    Lightweight fishing kit

    First of all appologies to dave89 for not posting this picture on his thread. The cyber gremlins wouldnt allow me to post it. I use this kit for fishing on remote hill lochs for wild brownies. The rod is a 5 piece graphite 5ft 6" mitchell 308x and the reel is a shimano symetre. Oh the small...
  19. huntersforge


    I am having real problems trying to upload a picture onto a thread from my photobucket account. I cant get it to copy the link so as i can paste it into the thread. I have posted loads of pics in the past but it seems to have stopped allowing me to do this. Any help for a techno dinosaur will...
  20. huntersforge

    Antler bits and bobs

    Had some antler pieces left after making up some keyrings for a mate. Used the large bit as a bearing block for a bowdrill spindle and the smaller bits for some more keyrings.