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  1. CaptainBeaky

    First try at a whitewood self-bow

    As I have recently acquired a large quantity of ash, I thought I'd have a go at making bows (as you do). Not having a drawknife, and being a devout cheapskate, I made a drawknife from an old file and set to with wedges, carving axe , drawknife and spokeshave. From this: Via this: and...
  2. CaptainBeaky

    Totally recycled hatchet!

    Being a confirmed cheapskate, absolutely everything on this one is recycled :D (GB Wildlife for comparison/scale) The head came from the local dump, and was a block of rust with a broken handle. The poll had obviously been used to hammer on metal, and it was a toss-up as...
  3. CaptainBeaky

    A whittler for the Scouts...

    I finally got around to finishing this one, after it has sat in my box of bits for nearly a year... 4mm O1, scandi ground, with a full distal taper down to the point, so the blade is actually about 3.6mm thick at the ricasso and tapers down to nothing at the point.. The tang shape is inspired...
  4. CaptainBeaky

    I think this might be be *the* knife...

    Just finished, so one crap picture before I head off to work: Full size photo 85mm blade by Pekka Tuominen. Desert ironwood burl and mammoth ivory, with nickel silver fittings. I'll add some better photos when I've done the sheath. Thanks for looking :D
  5. CaptainBeaky

    Karlsson bladed puukko

    As per this thread, and this one on BB - 100mm blade in AEB-L by Tony Karlsson, handled in maple burl with a nickel silver bolster. Comes in a dangler-type sheath in 3.5mm veg-tan leather (photos in other thread). £70 Now £60 incl PP and RMSD within the UK.
  6. CaptainBeaky

    First one of the New Year

    Blade from Tony Karlsson, nickel silver bolster, some bits of vulcanised fibre, and the rest of the maple burl from the Gift-It-On thread... Thanks for looking :)
  7. CaptainBeaky

    For the guitarists here...

    Enjoy... :cool:
  8. CaptainBeaky

    Fenix TK10 for sale

    As title - used with a few minor wear marks (has spent most of it's life in the side pocket of my EDC bag, in it's pouch). No box but all the bits that should be in the box are present and correct. Pouch is rather tired, though. £30 inc PP and RMSD.
  9. CaptainBeaky

    Puukko - 95mm Eklund blade and maple burl.

    As per a previous thread in the Sharps forum, this is ready to go: 95mm scandi blade in Bohler AEB-L by Maikhel Eklund, brass, buffalo horn and fibre spacers, handle of maple burl, finished with Danish Oil and beeswax. (The first pic still shows the protective silicone grease on the...
  10. CaptainBeaky

    Just finished this :)

    Following the landing on my doormat of a large block of maple burl... Blade by Mr Eklund, courtesy of Dennis at Brisa. Maple burl courtesy of Dwardo in the Gift-It-On thread... Other bits out of the Box of Many Things :) More photos and stuff here. Oh, and I've got another half of the...
  11. CaptainBeaky

    Spyderco BCUK Bushcraft knife (Second)

    I like it, but I prefer my Mule, so I'm passing this one on: This had 2 very small cracks in the handle when it arrived, which then closed up as it acclimatised to the UK, and have been sealed with cyanoacrylate. Bigger crack of the two is here: And overall: With original box, papers and...
  12. CaptainBeaky

    FS: Large car pod

    One VW roof pod (also fits on Thule roof bars) 460 litre capacity (big!) Length 8 ft (long enough for skis, longbows, camping gear, rolled up rugs, bodies ;) etc) Width 2 ft Height 1 ft. Full weather sealing (stays dry even in torrential rain), 6-point locking - front, rear and 2 each side)...
  13. CaptainBeaky

    Rogue "Oily Jock" 202X, XL

    In oxblood (i.e. brown) Size XL (60-62cm). Bought as a replacement for one I left on a train, but too big for my bonce :(, so I need to go down a size. Tall crown, wide brim. EWrong colour, but right hat - this one is Tan... Wrong hat but right colour: Now called the Outback for some...
  14. CaptainBeaky

    Stubby Utility in Damasteel and Ebony

    As per this thread - this is up for sale :D Rose damasteel with stainless fittings and ebony scales. Sharpened by Longstrider, so this is really sharp... More photos and details on the original thread. £120 gets this RMSD'ed to your door.
  15. CaptainBeaky

    Just finished this one...

    A while ago, I saw an ad from Brisa for damasteel offcuts. "Aha!", I thought, and bought one. Then I thought, "How do I HT this?" :rolleyes: Fortunately, Shing put an ad in about the same time, offering to do HT with his facilities, so that solved that one. Anyway, a bit of sketching produced...
  16. CaptainBeaky

    Axe masks

    Been busy making stuff recently :rolleyes: I brought all the hatchets owned by the Scout group home to sharpen, as they were in a rather sad state. A bit of workshop time later and they were all properly convexed and polished. One didn't have a mask, and I had discovered a Kent pattern head in...
  17. CaptainBeaky

    Some spoons!

    Not my first spoons - we'll draw a discreet veil over those...:o A Goldilocks set for the Management to use at school (she teaches Year 1) - Top to bottom: birch, sycamore, willow. And one in Goat Willow (no, I had never heard of it until I looked it up to identify the tree). Thanks for...
  18. CaptainBeaky

    Hi Folks!

    Just realised I've already posted a hello.... oops!
  19. CaptainBeaky


    I'm new here... :newbie: Following the well-beaten trail over here from British Blades :-) Into field archery, walking, camping and making things! Been reading a lot here, but this is the first post...