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  1. Hodge

    Dry bags

    Dry duffle and cargo bags available at Aldi currently.
  2. Hodge

    Paramo Aspira Trousers.

    For sale Paramo Aspira trousers medium. They will fit 34 inch waist. I am selling due to an increase in my waist size! Used for skiing and winter mountaineering. Full length side zips with press stud closures. Snow cuffs at ankles. Integral braces. Reinforced knee areas with pockets for knee...
  3. Hodge

    Optimus 111 stove

    Would like to swap an optimus 111 paraffin stove for an optimus style 96 paraffin stove. Failing that any sensible offers considered.
  4. Hodge

    Knife raffle

    Rob Evans of this parish is offering a knife in a draw to celebrate almost 2000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Sadly not one of his own make but worth winning nevertheless.
  5. Hodge

    Best piece of kit purchased this year, 2020.

    Its that time of year again. What have been your best purchases and why during this very strange and difficult year?
  6. Hodge

    Surviving the Stone Age

    Have any of you seen Surviving the Stone Age on Channel 4 Saturday nights. If so what do you think about the programme?
  7. Hodge

    Collapsible hot tent stove

    I am searching for a fold away tent stove. The one I have seen is too pricey as it is made of titanium. Do any of you know of a stainless steel alternative? It needs to be fold away so that I can transport it on my trike. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  8. Hodge

    Canoe touring advice needed.

    Do any of you have any suggestions in terms of canoeing on lakes starting and finishing at same place with an overnighter or two during the journey?
  9. Hodge

    Hou canoes

    I am considering buying a trekk 14 or 15 foot Apache canoe. Have any of you got any experience with Hou? I am wishing to solo paddle with occasional tandem paddling.
  10. Hodge

    Best buy of 2019

    Please share your best buys be it at a good price or something you have had to save for. My best buy this year was a TBS boar carbon knife with Turkish walnut scales. Hodge
  11. Hodge

    Carabiner clips Lidl

    packs of ten carabiner clips at £2.99. Snap closure with 80kg max load. I will use mine to attach tarp straps to a ridge line so that the straps do not wear. Packs of four larger clips available as well. Hodge
  12. Hodge

    Aldi clothing

    Merino wool long sleeve and short sleeve tops, roll neck/zip tops and long johns in store Sunday 25 November. Hodge
  13. Hodge

    Aldi clothing

    Currently, Aldi is selling merino mix long sleeve cycling tops and socks. Also pure merino short sleeve base layers and long johns.
  14. Hodge

    Leather offcuts

    I am hoping to make a leather tinder pouch. Therefore, I need to source a 15 inch diameter piece of leather. Any of you able to point me in the right direction to source leather offcuts of the stated size?
  15. Hodge

    Hello from Stourbridge

    Just a few words of introduction. I have recently taken an interest in Bushcraft having had to retire from climbing mountains due to arthritis of the spine. I live in Stourbridge the West Midlands and I am a Teacher of children with Special Needs. I have bitten the bullet and have booked 3...