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    N. Ireland folks. (Mobile Homes)

    Longshot, but anyone know of any sites, close to decent countryside that I might be able to find a second hand static for sale?
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    Take only photos, leave only footprints.

    You're all familiar with the term I take it? :) Looking down through a couple of posts concerning issues related to it and I have to ask... How many here can hand-on-heart say that the phrase is true for them in the "wild"?
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    "our civilisation is at odds with nature"

    A contentious statement... What do you think?
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    Game Fair, Moira Demense, N.I

    Anyone going this weekend? Might try to make it down on the Sunday but my back is absolutely wrecked, beginning to suspect a herniated disc :( which will require a trip to the Doc (at least). Typical of me to get hurt when there's something good on...
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    Ireland Heads Up

    Just looking at the Lidl hadout that dropped on the doormat, from next Thursday (16th) they have a folding saw on "special" as part of a gardening promo. The picture has the blade marked "Helpmate - High Carbon Steel SKS-5" Not sure how good it is but at 2.99 in the North and 3.99 in the...
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    Apologies re Hexy.

    To everyone who I'd agreed trades with.... Sorry. Was going to PM you all but this seems as good a solution. Had a bit of a domestic incident which resulted in me having to move out for a while :p All resolved now... Or at least the ceiling is back on the living room and the ground...
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    Snugpak 'Elite'

    Anyone had a go with the new Snugpak sleepers?
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    Some of you who have been around for a while will remember my... Problems, shall we say with my WS Dartmoor. All was satisfactorily resolved. However, a new chapter in the story has been opened with this That's the knife I returned..... It was supposed to have been destroyed during...
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    OH NO!! You got me!

    I've been staying away from home since Boxing Day, in Hillsborough (which is lovely BTW). Last night there was a fire in the grate I had a glass of wine to relax with... There was nada on telly, the PC was in use and I was feeling just a little bit restless. Then it happened... :eek: :eek...
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    Clart Of French Hexy

    I have lots (and lots and lots) of disposable hexy "stoves" from French rat-packs, almost exactly the same as the one pictured here (packaging is different). Each comes with matches and puritabs. Offers?
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    According to that daytime TV program that has the bloke that used to be with Gordon the Gopher on it "Millets" is pronounced "Meal-eh".... Uh-huh
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    This is good...Not. Tremendous, eh?
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    Fire fron Coke & Toblerone?

    Well almost! :D Madness!
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    Guess who's just run into a tree bough that had at some stage had wire wrapped round it? Two big dings in the edge of my blade, one minor one... Cut the wire mind you.
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    Lidl N.I

    Lidl N.I are doing fishing kit as their "weekly special" this week, cheap rods (spinner, beach caster & a boat rod £15-£17) Rods and reels are reasonable for the money although if you're a serious fisherman they probably won't be of interest the "tackle" included is tat. I got a couple of the...
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    Is there anywhere you can purchase semi finished knife handles? So a relatively unskilled type like myself can make a "sort-of" custom.
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    Splendid idea.....(Charge's again)

    Was browsing through this afternoon and happened upon a thread describing how one user had modified a longish saw blade, using his trusty dremmel to slot into the lanyard ring/pocket clip groove on the Leatherman Charge. First "modification" of kit I've seen in ages that I...
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    Got My Charge...

    Finally got my Leatherman Charge Ti yesterday afternoon :-) First impressions, it's a lot sturdier than the original Wave, with only a very small amount of handle play evident. Locking of the internal tools seems very positive, probably better than the liner lock on the outer "blades". It...
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    Right, you lot are full of good ideas. I've decided for the third or fourth time that I need to stop the smokes. The last time lasted very nearly a year, but Christmas (2003) got me back on. I don't want to hear about patches, gum or whatever, while nicotine withdrawl is a problem, I can...
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    The Army has designed a website for those who might be thinking about joining up after school or getting a taste of it in the Cadets. It has a "survival" section with a few bits and bobd relevant to Bushcraft and if all else fails there's a game or three :) Camouflage