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    Military Jacket.

    Just watching film (Outpost) by Steve Barker. There is a guy wearing a green military? jacket possibly Russian ? Wih an extreamly large woollen collar, he is seen throughout the movie wearing the collar in different positions... Would make an exceptionally warm winter overcoat. Anybody on...
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    Frost River - Isle Royale Rucksack...

    Thinking of getting a Frost River - Isle Royale Rucksack... However I use British army black Waterbottles and Metal Mugs and a military PwP which screws on the top... What I would like to know is do these fit in the front pockets? Many thanks.
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    Probably not bushcraft!

    Cleaning out a Patient's House and I came across an old tin of Coconut Milk Dated best before dec 2004. My Colleague did one better and found this tub. Do you think it's still usable?
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    Simple question....

    Very simple question, that I cant find the answer to.... Can you fit a Trangia Stove into a Trekker Kelly Kettle? Probably a Yes or No answer, but a Photo would be nice. Many thanks
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    Looking for a Rucksack...

    Now I know I have posted up a thread a couple of mo this ago looking for a new Rucksack, and to be honest I still cant make up my mind. Currently I own a 75L ARC'TERYX Bag. I try to get out for a two or a three nights at least once a month.. Looking at LBT and Mystery Ranch with a few others...
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    Krill 360° Green AA Battery.

    So my AAA green Krill is coming to the end of its life... I want a new one, except I'm looking for it's big brother AA to keep all my electrical items the same size battery. Anybody know of a U.K distributor? Cant seem to swallow the U.S £50 price tag.
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    Savotta Howu 4 Man Tent. Short ish Review!

    Just had three amazing days in the Savotta Howu 4 Man Tent in the woods.. There is very little information about these on the internet so I thought I would do a small review adding each time I take her out with pros and cons as I find them with more pictures. On first impression this tents...
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    For Sale FjallRaven G-1000 Shirt 'Large' BNWT

    Bought for me by my wife for Christmas. Fjallraven G-1000 Shirt in Dark Olive. SIZE LARGE Got a receipt for £120 Brand New, Never Worn, Still has Tags on. £75 posted including all PayPal fees and next day recorded postage. Many thanks
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    Sold Tiger Paws 1 man Tent

    Good as Brand New. Pro Action, Tiger Paws 1 Man Tent Bought, set up, upgraded the cheap tent pegs for steel. Changed the cheap guylines for 550 para cord. Bought and outgrew it on day one... Sitting in my cupboard ever since. Wanted £50 which will include all Paypal fees and next day...
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    Sold SAS Para Bergan

    Well where to start. This is a Genuine "Falklands" (02 APR 1982) British Army SAS Para Bergan. Wanted this soo much, had it bought for me from Silvermans for my last birthday. This is New 'Old Stock' never been issued, been sitting in storage for 35+ years. No Moth-holes, No scratches or dents...
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    Sold Tentsmith - Pathfinder Scout Tarp

    As the title says I have for sale a Tentsmith Pathfinder Scout Tarp. Paid over £400 including Tax and Postage. Used for two weekends in very cold but dry weather. Not big enough for an Adult, Child all Kit and a dog! Which is a shame because it's an awesome bit of kit... Comes with...
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    Help to find a Pot to accompany Eagle Product Kettle.

    I know a few of you on here have an Eagle Products 0.7 Litre Kettle. And some with the bigger 1.5L I own the 0.7L kettle ant It's awesome, I have used it for several years and now I would like a companion Pot. List of requirements. 1. The kettle has to nest inside (upto the lip maybe?) 2...
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    Savotta Hawu 4 tent

    Anybody own one of these beasts? A Savotta Hawu 4 tent. Have you used one, and have any comments to make? Have you seen one and have anything to say?? I haven't seen one apart from the reviews on Utube. Just got back from a 3 day trip using my Pathfinder Scout Tarp and finding it a little...
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    For Sale Tatonka Tarp 1 TC Polycotton

    Bought off here, New and Never used... Taken on a four nighter, as an emergence item. Put up, whilst raining and used whilst packing up kit for a couple of hours. Awesome piece of kit, lightweight for it's size, but just way, way too big for what I need... Looking to move on, where somebody...
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    For Sale US Military ACU 5 Piece Modular Sleeping System

    For Sale:- I have an Excillent Condition, Looks like New! Genuine US Military Issue ACU 5 Piece Modular Sleeping System, EXCELLENT USED condition. NSN# 8465-01-547-2757 Bought this 18 months ago from America, cost about £275 with postage and import costs. Used the sleeping bag about 5 times...
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    British Army Modular Sleeping Bag!

    Ok, im struggling to make sence of this... And need your input. So I have bought a Brand New British Army Modular Sleeping Bag, consisting of... Medium Weight Sleeping Bag Light Weight Sleeping Bag Army Issue Liner. I have also managed to get a second hand original German Army Carinthia...
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    Reindeer Sleeping bag, a good idea?

    I have tried multiple sleeping bags over 30+ odd years camping / survival and although in summer I have liked many of them, I'm still in the pursuit of perfection for winter bag... I currently like using the American Modular Sleeping Bag (Right hand side opening) But have considered using a...
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    Looking for Black Tyvek

    As the title states, looking for Black Tyvek About 7ft by 7ft.... Many thanks
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    4x4 Oilskin Tarp

    Does anybody know where I can get a 4mx4m oilskin tarp from. I have scoured the internet and watched many UTube videos... The only company I can find is in America by the name of "Tentsmiths" who also make the pathfinder scout tarp, (I have placed an order but they have yet to get back to me...
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    For Sale, and your Consideration.. I have two of these.. they are an amazing bit of kit.. This one is for sale. Size 2XL I'm a size Large or an XL depending on time of year Lol And this Fits Perfectly... SWANNDRI MEN’S MOSGIEL WOOL BUSHSHIRT WITH ZIP-UP FRONT I bought this from...